Photographed in 1985

Car show rooms
From the private collection of Stuart Joseph
Car show rooms
From the private collection of Stuart Joseph

Car showrooms

I recently came across these  photographs of the Nissan Brighton car show rooms which were in Lewes Road, on the corner of Melbourne Street, where the railway viaduct used to cross.

Vogue Gyratory

The photos were taken around 1985 not long after the Vogue Gyratory had opened, and Sainsburys had been completed. The Nissan service department where I used to work was behind  Sainsburys in Centenary Industrial Estate which was built on the site of the old Lewes Road railway station.

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  • That’s funny I used to work on the other side of the road, the other side of the arch, at Caffyns (they were good times) now a petrol station. If anyone is in touch with Ray, Jes or anyone else that knows Ron Edmonds ( gives us an email. You were just down the road to where Archy Hazell was working, he was actually under the arch. Had a bloke working for Archy called Ginger, mainly for his hair I think.

    By Ron Edmonds (04/05/2011)
  • I had several friends that worked at Nissan, also others at Endeavour Motors in London Road.

    By Duffy Watkins (04/05/2011)
  • Hazel Autos. I went to school with daughter Gloria at Fairlight. I was Smith then.

    By Jennifer Tonks (04/05/2011)
  • Anyone got pictures of A & H Motors that was once on the Lewes Road site now occupied by Kwik Fit?

    By Roy Grant (09/05/2011)
  • Roy, there is a photo of A&H Motors in the 1970s within the James Gray Collection in Volume 28.

    By Stuart Joseph. (09/05/2011)
  • Hi folks, has anyone pics or reccolection of Yamaha dealer in ex Nissan dealer Lewes Rd thanks?

    By brett (29/03/2024)

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