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Photo from 1910

Devil’s Dyke, South Downs, outside Brighton

Devil's Dyke
Scanned from an original copy of '67 Views of Brighton, Hove and Neighbourhood', circa 1910, by kind permission of David Burgess

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  • The picture shows the aerial railway that crossed the Dyke itself. It was one of three railways associated with the Dyke. Perhaps we could have some pictures of the other two please.

    By Mike Hearn (14/06/2004)
  • This picture has really boosted my coursework’s history section – thank you very much.

    By Harry Macdonald (20/08/2004)
  • There’s a photo and a little information about the funicular railway at the Dyke on this website:

    By Kieran Turner (15/11/2004)
  • Although the landscape of Devils Dyke is still easily recognisable today, the very noticeable difference in the 1910 photo is the bareness of scrub vegetation. Of course in 1910 the grazing sheep on the Downs kept growth of the kind seen today down!

    By Peter Groves (28/07/2007)

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