Remembering my school years

Whitehawk development 1976
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

I was a milk monitor

I spent a year and a bit at Whitehawk Infants school, where I enjoyed being milk monitor, because back then we had free milk at school, and milk monitors got first pick of any spares because not all the children wanted milk. I still like a pint of milk every so often, usually flavoured with milkshake, to this day. After the Infants, I went to Whitehawk Junior School where I met three other boys with whom I remained friends far beyond our school years. I used to like to swing over the bars at the end of the pathways, until one day I found I’d grown too tall and banged my head.

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Remembering my teachers

Around 1970 we moved from Whitehawk Avenue to Nuthurst Road where I made more friends. I moved up to Whitehawk Senior School which I somewhat enjoyed. We didn’t have year 1 to 12, or whatever it is now, back then. We had 1st to 5th year in the seniors, and 1st to 4th in the Juniors. Some teachers I remember are Mr Simmons (Maths), Mr Yates (Geography?), Mr Fitzpatrick (Art), Mr Darling (Music) and Mr Richardson (P.E.). A year or so before I left school it became Stanley Deason High School, then, shortly after I left school, it moved to Wilson Avenue and eventually it became an academy.

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  • If memory serves, Mr Yates had a Triumph Herald car. Mr Simmons used a leather strap from a train window to ‘correct’ a boy’s behaviour. He tried it on me but I pulled my hand away at the last moment and his face met the wall. Mr Cox had all the fish tanks in his room and years later I wound up working for him. Unfortunately he died not so long back in a house fire. Mr Hyatt(?) was the Woodwork teacher.

    By Rick Smallman (20/10/2015)
  • I remember Mrs Wellstead, the music teacher. She had a Morris Minor and lived in Coldean.

    By Maureen Doughty nee Muzzell. (05/07/2016)
  • Maureen Muzzell – I think we were in the same class! Mrs Wellstead was a great teacher. Do you remember that always at the end of the music lesson, she allowed one pop record to be played. I think my love of classical music came from her – not opera though!  She also taught us how to write in italic which is something I still do today.

    By Barbara Etherton (07/07/2016)
  • I was at Whitehawk School in the late ’50s and was taught by a number of teachers that are mentioned. I remember when Mr Scales introduced Mr Simmons as an old boy. Mr Hyatte, Mr Darling, the music teacher before him was “Peanuts”, I can’t remember his name, but he also taught the violin. Mr Jones was my PE teacher, he used to chase the boys into the showers waving a big black plimsole.



    By Michael Mungavin (08/07/2016)
  • Does anyone remember Mrs Stubbing from Stanley Deason high school 1976 /1978?

    By Pip Taylor (14/03/2019)

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