Tony Simmonds' Collection

Photo:Tony Simmonds holding the flage he flew on his bike on VE Day

Tony Simmonds holding the flage he flew on his bike on VE Day

Photograph taken by Zoe Woods

Part 09: VE Day

By Tony Simmonds

Extract from the diary of Tony Simmonds:

08/05/1945 VICTORY IN EUROPE DAY - I was at work - when I came back from lunch at 2 p.m. I found everyone in a hustle and bustle. The Manager said we were going to get out by 3.30. We did. Even then we had time to rush out to hear Churchill's speech at 3 o'clock and a fine speech it was too.

We all knew something would happen in the evening and it did. It came right up to my fullest expectations. I just can't describe the scene. I was alone most of the time and spent almost five hours around the Clock Tower. People just went mad - dancing, singing, chanting, shouting - the crowd just surged this way and that - The Academy, the Odeon and the Regent were all floodlit for the first time in almost six years - fire crackers, flares and even pre-war 'jumpers' were thrown about the streets - even into busses - all policemen 'had their eyes shut'.

I left at just after 11 pm leaving behind me a riot going on outside the Regent - where a drunken sailor was protesting against a charge of 10/6d for a dance in the Regent Dance Hall. What a day - I shall never forget it for the rest of my life.

Our house is decorated up - four flags - a shield and red, white & blue streamers. Even Mrs Guild next door has her standard flying. As for the town itself - well I never knew there were so many flags manufactured. My bike has a big rosette and streamers on its handlebars.

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