Band member in the 1960s

Top Rank Suite late 1960s | From the private collection of Ray Sinclair
Top Rank Suite late 1960s
From the private collection of Ray Sinclair

With Syd Dean 1960/66

I was a guitarist/vocalist with the Syd Dean Orchestra for the period approximately 1960-1966. I have just discovered this great website, and look forward to contributing and reading more of the wonderful stories and experiences from everyone who has a connection with the Regent Ballroom, Top Rank Suite and of course the legendary Syd Dean Orchestra.

Photo taken in Top Rank

The photo was taken at the Top Rank Suite, uncertain about the date, probably a year or two after it opened in 1965. I am the one on the left with the guitar. Sad fact is that it was stolen after a private function at the Top Rank Suite not long after this photo was taken. The lady is a wonderful vocalist called Barbara Hermans.

Happy musical trio

Member number three of this happy trio is a great vocalist from Bristol called Gordon Summers. Gordon was also married to a pretty young lady named Marie I think, who was the disc jockey at the time. The person just visible on the top left of the picture is a Don Pashley, a tenor saxophonist in Syd’s Orchestra for many years.

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  • Message for Ray Sinclair (Raymond Hicks). Please get in touch … would love to catch up.

    Editor’s note: Barbara – if you want Ray to email you directly you have to show your contact in the body of your message.

    By Barbara Hermans (16/10/2015)
  • I used to go to the Top Rank Suite on a Saturday morning from 1966 onwards. It was a youngsters’ disco and was fab (I was 10 in 1966). I remember the blonde DJ called Marie who was great. Is this the Marie mentioned?  I really loved her trendy outfits – she used to leave the Top Rank Suite in a red sports car with her white poodle. How I wished I was her!

    By Belinda Lumsden (19/11/2015)
  • Sid Dean Band. What memories. Barbara Hermans, what a singer, absolutely brilliant. My favourite song she sang was Wedding Bell Blues.. Wonderful times.

    By Robert Duncan (19/04/2020)
  • I am married to Barbara Hermans, and she is singing wedding bell blues as I am writing this, all these years on still brilliant!

    By chris gunn (26/07/2020)

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