A birthday at the Sea Life Centre, 2001

Photograph of the courtyard outside Brighton Sea Life Centre
Photo by Jenny Ridland

I really love the Sea Life Centre. I had my birthday party there yesterday and it was much funner than going to the park even.

We got to see the fish and feed them too. Two of my friends who are both boys kept running off and not staying with the other children when we were looking at the fish in the tanks. Then we went in that glass tunnel and saw some big sharks and it was really scary. I was too scared to stand up where you can look at the sharks upstairs on the balcony.

One of my friends said that there was a treasure chest by the sharks but there wasn’t. Oh yeah! I also touched a little crab and it was really super soft. I think its name was Velvet, but I liked the sea horses most of all.

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  • It is a really nice place. I would like to go there at least once a week; it is really fun. The best bit was when you walk underneath the sharks. It is really scary. The nemo fishes were cool too.

    By Kerry (12/02/2006)
  • I really really loved the Sea Life centre, apart from the shark enclosure. It was so scary I had to hold my mummy’s hand all the way through.

    By Dan White (11/07/2006)
  • I remember going to the Sealife Centre courtyard and going in the cafe that was next to it outside in 2001 when I was aged 3. I just want to know if anyone knows what happened to it as the two double doors where it was now have blacked out glass, and possibly the name of it because I have forgotten?

    By Josh Brown (22/10/2016)
  • My grandfather , James Degras, played the organ on Sundays at the Brighton Aquarium, some time before 1917. My father, his son, would be called upon to pump the organ for his father when the regular person could not do so.

    By Irene Vaughan (26/07/2020)

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