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School group c1978-79

This photo of a group of Elm Grove School children was taken c1978-79.

Do you recognise yourself here? Or can you identify one of your school friends from those days?

If you can help with putting names to faces, please leave a message below.

Elm Grove School children: c1978-79.
From the private collection of Harry Atkins

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  • Hi Harry. Well I’m struggling with names here. It seems to be a mixture of the classes in that year. Also definitely earlier than 78/79. Above Jayne I’m sure is Elizabeth Kingsford. Girl in the ballerina outfit looks like Lisa Bissett to me. Boy in the front row on the far left is Richard Howse. Some I just don’t recognise at all.

    By Carol Homewood (04/06/2010)
  • Carol, I think the girl in the top row 3rd in on the right is someone Blissett; that name came into my head …

    By wayne (07/06/2010)
  • Yes Wayne, it is Lisa Bissett. Still no pic of you I’m afraid!! See I haven’t given up though!!

    By Carol Homewood (08/06/2010)
  • Boy in the white jumper with the conker could be me age 11 – but I’m not too sure.

    By dean bedford (21/03/2012)
  • The girl middle row fourth from the right is my sister Sandra Mitchell.

    By Vanessa Hollingworth (22/04/2013)
  • Back row: Pina Muratori, Robert Jones, Robert Grant, Lisa Smith (me), Cassandra Mitchell, Lisa Bissitt, Glen Rushman? and Elizabeth.

    By Lisa Smith (18/11/2019)
  • Yes, Lisa that is me in the back row. I have fond memories of all these children. One of my fondest memories is of Sandra Mitchell’s mum such a nice lady. The other fond memory I have is of the Young American girl who was only in the school one year, she was my very first best friend.
    If any of you read this message wherever you are today, I hope you are healthy, happy and enjoying life.🙂

    By Pina Muratore (16/05/2020)

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