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Form photograph of class 4F 1982

This picture was taken in the year 1982, if i am not mistaken my class was 4F, the woman at the centre was Miss Frogett, and we were in the auditorium. Some of my school pals in this photo were: Ana Lashmar, Fabian Bitzbender, Richard Walsh, Peter, Dominic, Liam Salter, Elton, Robbie, Kelly Fox, Anita, Freya, John, Mary and Sean.

I am the one with glasses at the back. I went to England in the year 1981-1983; my first school was Fitzherbert school. I have many happy memories that I still keep from those years. I hope that after seeing this picture, some old pals will appear and try to contact me. Some used to call me Josai, because they could not pronunce my name correctly. After Fitzherbert we went to Cardinal Newman school in Hove, but I dont have photos of those days. If any of these school pals remenber me please contact me at my e-mail (

Fitzherbert School: class 4F 1982
From the private collection of Jose Luis castEllanos

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  • Oh my God! I can’t believe I found this, well done Jose, I am trying to contact you. Well here’s what I know about some of these guys because I still live in Brighton. Kerry is on my Facebook and still looks the same, Elton was working in Famous Moes locally a few years ago. Warren, I see in Waitrose, Fabian is around Brighton too. Freya, I used to see a lot, she has a wonderful family. I would love to find out how Mary is and Jane and Chantalle, Vannessa and Anita. Dominic is in Brighton. I used to see him in the Zap club about 10 years ago. I saw Liam’s mum recently, he’s OK I think. I have so many great memories of this time. Mrs Froggett was a lovely teacher, she took me and Jane to the Uni to do gymnastics at a higher level. Lesley is a midwife in town too. I saw her when my son was born. Happy days.

    By Anna Lashmar (04/04/2009)
  • Hi Anna and Jose, it’s great to see this photo again. I cover Brighton in my job and after all these years still havent spotted anyone, although I guess we have all changed! What are you doing these days Anna, are you still in Brighton? I have just got into Facebook so I may find all the old gang there.

    By Sean Wilson (30/04/2009)
  • Hello, I remember some of these faces at least two. The boy standing on the left with the white shirt and on the right side middle row, second boy. I think you guys went to St. Peters School in Shoreham. I’m Sylvia Ramon the Spanish girl. Do you have pictures of school? I now live in Spain, married and with two kids, it made me smile when I saw you!

    By Sylvia Ramon (22/11/2011)
  • Hi, I was at Fitzherbert School from 1980-1984, I loved it there. I was Natasha Reynolds and was in Mrs Collins’ class – 1c, Mrs Dillons class 2D, Miss Sydenham’s class – 3S and finally Mrs Greagan’s 4D. If anyone else was in those classes or in the school at that time, I would love to hear from you, also if anyone has any more photos. I was so sad when this school was demolished.

    By Natasha Howe (09/04/2012)
  • I was attending Fitzherbert from 1980-1982 then returned back to Ireland, my teachers were: Mr Lassasso, Miss Dillon. People I remember are Julie, Peter Grimmes, Raepael, Geoffrey, Luke Michael, Sara Sweeney. Mr Hoare was very strict, bad Mr Finney was head master. I would love to hear more stories about the school.

    By Nicola Gibbons Oneill (02/09/2014)
  • My sister Kelly is front row left – she lives in Spain but I have sent her this link. If I can I’ll post some of my photos – I knocked around  with Nicky Vane, Sara Crafer, Emma Bangle, Mel Rice – brilliant to see all these posts.

    By Lisa Fox (20/01/2018)
  • I can’t believe I’ve found this site. I was there the same time the photo was taken in 1982, same year but my form tutor was Mrs Jolly, who was an amazingly cultured teacher and got us reading fantastic books and plays from an early age. I loved the school and can remember all the teachers, my favourite was Miss De Mohan an eccentric French teacher who used to send herself up. I was very sad when the school was demolished.

    By Deborah Madden (17/10/2021)

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