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  • This page is really good. It has a lot of information about Brighton station through the years.

    By Claire Lewry (01/07/2003)
  • This is brilliant. I searched all over the internet for Brighton Station pictures and you saved my life. I’m doing a GCSE project on Brighton Station. I thought I was going to kill myself. Thanks!

    By Jean Blease (31/10/2003)
  • It’s great! Also useful for my homework..I can’t believe how long it must have taken to do. It is great! It must have been so much hard work! Many thanks!

    By Vicky (22/09/2005)
  • I am doing research on tourism and transport history so really needed this photos. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!!

    By Leli (26/03/2006)
  • I have an old framed print (about 5″ x 4″) of this painting, along with fice others by F W Woledge. Are they rare?

    By Mark Stevens (21/02/2008)
  • A right scary story: I was a postman checking all the platforms for any bags of mail. A train was pulling into platform 5 when a guy jumped out, stumbled and disappeared under the train. I ran across and saw him holding on to the side of the platform. One leg on the platform and the other dangling a few inches from the train wheels. He was lying flat and the carriage step was just above his head. There was nothing that I could do as all the carriage doors were open and there was no way that I could get near him. When the train stopped he pulled himself up and wandered off. This was a case of jumping out when the train was going too fast.

    By Viv Webb (15/11/2012)
  • Great picture, it looks like the same clock that is there now – is it?

    By Anne Newman (17/11/2012)
  • Can anyone name / have photos of the old pub at the station? I think it was on the left, as you went in.

    By Paul B (09/08/2014)

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