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My mother Nel Whatman (nee Lloyd) worked for General Watson (of Watson's Horse in India) during the 30s. She worked 6 days a week living in as an upstairs maid and had Sundays off after she had served breakfast. If she wanted to go into Brighton she had to walk across the Tye to the coast road to catch the bus and walk back in the dark. She said that General Watson wouldn't have Ambrose Gorham in the house as he was "trade". I believe that just to the left of the road running from Telscombe to Rodmell was the old site of a gallows.

By David Whatman (21/01/2009)

I take it there aint many people left in Telscombe going by the lack of comments, but anyway for the few that are left, do you remember the TV program 'No Hiding Place'? Well a lot of episodes were filmed on the cliffs there, the reason I know this is myself and mates went for a bike ride from Woodingdean through Rottingdean and along the coast road. When we got to Telscombe we noticed a lot of activity, so being nosey kids we got closer. That's when we saw the actors from the program. As we got too close we got chased off, but being kids we sneaked back, going behind an old chalet type bungalow which was derelict as was most of them due to the cliffs receeding. We didn't notice one of the actors come up behind us and it was Raymond Frances who played the inspector in the program. He had a chat with us for about 20 mins before he had to go and play his scene. He told us if we were quiet and behaved they wouldn't mind us watching. This was back in the late fifties or early sixties so if there's anyone still breathing from that time and that area you might remember all the dwellings that used to be along the cliffs ,probably all gone now due to the cliff erosion.

By Danny/Dave Kimberley (26/10/2011)

The population of Telscombe Village has never been more than several dozen, nowadays around thirty hardy souls live there. Where as Telscombe Cliffs has become a sprawling housing estate,and has a population of approximately 3,000. Telscombe Village and Telscombe Cliffs are two completley different places. However, geographically very close, although Telscombe Village is situated a good mile or more from the coast and looks much the same as it did a hundred years ago. East Saltdean, Telscombe Tye, Telscombe Cliffs and Telscombe Village all are part Telscombe Town council. (I think).

By Christopher Wrapson (28/10/2011)