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Mrs Eadie's Class 1963

Back Row L to R : Mrs Eadie, Linda Coughtrey, Andrew Dwyer,  Stephen Woodall, Michael Adams, Kim Turner, Guy Salvage, Peter Paolella,??,??.

2nd Row: Keith Pitches, Geoff Pook, ??,??,??,??, Alan James, ??, Sharon Durkin,??.

3rd row:4th from left Karen Marum(Collington),

Sitting: Peter Scott,??,??, Me, Crunden, Peter Smith, John Christie, ??, Robert Carter.

If you can add more names to the list, or have any memories of this time to share, please leave a comment below.

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Downs County Primary School
From the private collection of Graham Maskell

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  • Thank you Graham for posting this photograph. I don’t remember ever seeing this photograph in our family collection, so it’s particularly good to see my brother Peter giving the thumbs up to the camera.

    By David Scott (10/08/2012)

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