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Bison Club dance

These two photographs were taken c1960 in the gym at Fawcett School at a dance held by the Bison Club. I hear the gym is soon to be demolished

Teachers and their wives. The names from left to right are:Mr. Bowles, Mr. H. Bradford, Mr.(daddy) Dyer, Mr. Coxhead and Mr. B. White

Fawcett School
From the private collection of Fred Hards
Fawcett School
From the private collection of Fred Hards

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  • Fred, this is the first time I have seen this picture but my Father was Harry Bradford.

    By Jeremy Bradford (13/05/2014)
  • Hi Fred, I have just looked at the photograph taken in 1960, as soon as  I looked at the names the memory buds woke up. Burt White was my form Teacher 55/56. I well remember Daddy Dyer as the maths Teacher who could make a column of figures look like it was nothing. Mr Bradford I remember for sport, mainly football, Mr Coxhead as Depuity Head and I think Mr Bowles took Science. I have now lived out of Brighton since 1956, but still manage to get back there at least twice a year, and I am still in touch with some of the old Fawcett boys.

    By JOHN WIGNALL (14/05/2014)
  • I have not seen that photo before either. Thanks for posting. Son of Bert and Gwen White on the right side. Harry Bradford was the other teacher I remember best because he played with my father in the staff cricket team.

    By Richard White (15/05/2015)

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