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School Football Team 1954/55

Where are you, team and where are the groupies?!

Harry Heasman, Fat Grace, Shaver Crossfield, Plum Smith (Aussie), Gordon Phillipps, Paul Abbott (cool), Brian Lawrence, David Ryall (say a prayer)

Derek Pittock, Tommy Gilbert (say a prayer), Derek Salisbury, Snotty Wareham, Thin Grace, Jim Smith, Colin Edwards, Robert West

David Berner — Orange cutter, first aid and bucket carrier.

Did anyone make the grade? The Grace twins were very good players I recall. My other sporting recollections are: fast bowlers Norman Stevens and Alun Sweatman; spin bowler Pulman; a lad called Morley who had one arm and was a runner.

Can anyone remember who threw the javelin that  hit a lad on the Rec — was it someone called Pittock/Piggott (not Derek Pittock)?

Who am I? I am retired super stud Paul Abbott; now in Nottingham and Spain.  You can contact me at:

Portslade County School football team
From the private collection of Paul Abbott

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  • Sadly, we also say a prayer for Plum Smith.

    By Tony Clevett (06/09/2008)
  • Does anyone remember a David Watkins who emmigrated to Cairns in Australia ?

    By Paul Abbott (09/09/2008)
  • Mickey Pittock threw the javelin, Mick Laing was the one who copped it!

    By Den King (15/09/2008)
  • I am not sure who you are Denis as there were several King families in Portslade/Mile! I did not realise it was poor old Mickey who caught the spear – I guess that accounts for the limp. Did you know that he hates spiders?

    By Paul Abbott (18/09/2008)
  • Hi Paul, I lived in Gardener Street till 1963 and went to the above school till 1953. In my final term I was head of Bramber house. Peter Robinson got more votes than me but i got in because I was older. Micky Pittock was a friend and a good athlete, I remember swapping my old tennis racquet for some American comics with him and getting a rollicking from me Mum for it! I remember Gordon Phillips from kick-abouts up Portslade rec. I also think Mr Heasman was our science teacher, I used to get on very well with Mr Greaves as I was good at art. Happy days!

    By Den King (20/09/2008)
  • What happened to the Grace brothers?

    By Den King (22/01/2009)
  • Hi Den, I was talking to Gordon Phillips this morning, he looks well. He retired from being a postman a while ago and now looks after his wife who is not too well. Next time I see him I will tell him you still remember him. I walk my dog with Collin King who lived in Easthill Drive – are you related?

    By Brian Peskett (07/07/2009)
  • No Brian – no relation. The only relatives in Portslade were Ron & Gordon Halewood my cousins, and best mates from Elm Road. Gordon will remember them too I expect.

    By Den King (24/07/2009)
  • Hi Denny. Don’t know if you remember me? How are Ron and Gordon Halewood they were good soccer players? I can remember you from Gardiner Street – I lived in Banfield Street. You would remember my brother, Ray Sparks.

    By Colin Evans (19/08/2009)
  • Hello Colin. I couldn’t remember your face till I dug out an old photo from possibly 1953, the Coronation year, of an Elm Road party group. Tony Clevett has put names to lots of the faces, maybe you have the same photo somewhere! Have you a younger brother David? I slightly remember Ray, I think he is older than me (I’m 71) and you are younger. Ron still lives at 10 Elm Road on his own since Auntie Meg died several years ago, he has never married. Gordon lives with his wife Lancing Way but still pops in to No. 10 quite a lot. I live in Mid Sussex now – in Uckfield - but still visit Portslade a fair bit even though it’s nothing like the old days now – too many cars and no interesting corner shops! We did emigrate to Queensland in the 70s but couldn’t get on so came back to Blighty – wish we had tried to stay now! All the best Den.

    By Den King (16/09/2009)
  • I began at Portslade County School for Boys in 1960 so never met the Grace twins, until I joined the Brighton Giants basketball team in 1966 or 67. Unbeknown to me the Grace twins ran another team in the Brighton League at that time; The Fidelians (or maybe the Old Fidelians), which was made up of people mostly from Portslade, in not from the school. I was never brilliant at the sport so very rarely played for the first team (in other words I was only ever picked if they were really desperate), but never-the-less by 1969 the Giants had not lost a game in the Brighton League, home or away, for 13 years. Their biggest rivals during this time were the Fidelians who, from memory, always finished 2nd in the league.

    By Alan Phillips (12/09/2013)
  • Message for Paul Abbott:
    Looking at the football team photo you have posted, I recognise you as being a member of our BSA football team (Brighton Technical College) from 1960/61. We are trying to make contact with that team and at present have found 6 of them. Perhaps you would like to email me at

    By Brian Tipler (18/02/2014)
  • Thin Grace is my father. It was great to find this site and see my young father and uncle. In later life the fat and thin names actually reversed and it was always my father who was a little tubby. A great football and basketball player, and a ski instructor in his 60s. Unfortunately we lost him this year and were just left with memories and a few photos, but I really loved to see this one, thanks.

    By Robin Grace (03/10/2015)

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