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A photo from c1963-4

This is class a photo from c1963-4; I am not sure of the exact year as it says both years on the back of the picture.

I am in second row first on the left. Do you recognise yourself or anyone else here? If you do please leave a message below.

Portslade County School class photo c1963/64
From the private collection of Ken Barrington

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  • In 1963/4 I was 15/16 & stayed to do A levels so left in 1965. I have looked at these guys (apart from the uniform) – I don’t recognise anyone. No teacher to help either. Although the other side of that window was Mr Whitaker’s Room – The demon with chalk… Ken Barrington rings a bell though!

    By Chris Edwards - Brisbane, Oz (21/12/2009)
  • Hi – I think that this photo was of the athletic team of that year, I did the junior shot put at the Hove dog stadium event that year, the photo was supplied to me by the Evening Argus after the event, maybe why there is no teacher is in the photo.

    By Ken Barrington (21/12/2009)
  • That would explain it, there seems to be a range of ages for the guys too. This is where the milk (to the right) got dropped off in the top area. I passed by in 2002and noted some of the temporary buildings had gone. Mr Hancock’s room was still there but Miss ? music room was gone. I have my cousin in law’s year photo; Ali Albon was a couple of years ahead of me, so it would be 60/61, I think the terror of the Slipper,the welsh PE teacher was their form master. Can I send it to you to upload –

    By Chris Edwards - Brisbane, Oz (21/12/2009)
  • Mr Bennett – how could I forget!

    By Chris Edwards - Brisbane, Oz (21/12/2009)
  • Hi Chris please send photo it would be very interesting, Ken.

    By Ken Barrington (07/01/2010)
  • I recognise almost all of the faces in this photo but few of the names. I would say, almost for certain, that this is the school cricket team(s). Front row: (only half squatting) second from right is Richard Mason. Second row: at right is John Washer, 3rd from right looks like William Mason (Richard’s twin) and 6th from right is something Peters. I’m sure I remember all the other faces as keen cricketers.

    By Alan Phillips (15/08/2010)
  • Some names that I remember and apologies to those that I do not. Back Row L to R:- Ian Cohen,?, Brian Drew,?,?,?,?, Geof Parker, Alan Brace, Alan Jeater, Don Aldridge, Neil Holloway,? Middle:- 5th from Left Don Peters and 7th from left is possibly Warren Tenant. With the faces I recognise I would concur with the cricket team theory. 

    By Dave Phillips (25/08/2011)
  • Hi Alan and Dave. Back row in between Ian Cohen and Boo Drew, is Terry Woogar. Front row kneeling third from left – Dave Osborn. Fifth from left – Terry Pearce, sixth – Dave Sharp and eighth – Mick Redman. Regards Tom Winstanley.

    By tom Winstanley (06/10/2012)
  • Front Row: Ian Mitchell, Ivor Moses, David ?, Clifford Howard, Terry Pierce, David Sharp, ?, Mick Redman, Richard Mason, Ian(?) Mair. Back row: 3rd from right, now Sir Rodney Aldridge!

    By Terry Pierce (05/06/2014)
  • Hi Ken Barrington here, I can confirm that this photo is NOT OF THE CRICKET TEAM as I am in the photo and was never in the cricket team nor have ever had any interest in cricket! The photo was supplied by myself and was taken of the school athletics team which took part in a school athletics event staged at the greyhound stadium in Hove in the mid 1960s? I achieved an award in the junior shot put event and was mentioned in the local paper. Somewhere in my collection I have the program for this event which lists the teams, I shall try and find it and post it on this page, regards Ken Barrington.

    By Ken Barrington (09/06/2014)
  • I think this could be of the House of Bramber , we were all in houses and a mixed age in each , I did not take part in any sport , I’m in regular touch with several in the picture having returned to live in Hove be pleased to hear from anyone in my year group , me ? First left in lower level , Ian.

    By Ian Mitchell (07/09/2023)

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