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Final Year Form 4A 1955

Names: from top right hand corner to bottom left hand are:

Whitney,Williams, Locke, Crossfield, Phillipps, Cummins, Abbott, Harrison, Lawrence, Voice, Pettit, Maple, Peskett, Salisbury, Wareham, West, Mr Greaves, Jacobs,Ryall, Holden, Mallet, Smith, Turner, Berrisford, Edmonds, Reinhart, Harris, Pittock, Myers, Clarke.

Come on lads, come out of the woodwork, and let us know where you are and what you are doing now.

Form 4a Portslad County School
From the private collection of Paul Abbott

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  • Hi Paul, you don’t know me, but Chris Wareham was my uncle, sadly he passed away suddenly in March 2006, his family still live in Hollingdean.  This is one photo I had not seen before. I remember Mr Greaves he was one of my teachers when I went to Portslade along with Bennet, Martin, Parkinson, Broadbank, Faulkner, Hunt, Travers and Brown to name a few. I will add some more stuff later after I have finished trawling through all these interesting memories of people gone by in some cases.

    By Rick Forrest (18/09/2008)
  • In my final year (1953) we never had school photos but if we did here are some lads who would have been in them, I wonder how many are still about?  Peter Bristow, Maurice Leach, Nicky Main, Derek Harbour, Jim Smith, Denis Smith, Mick Cusack, Bobby Nye, Brian Cox, Mick and George Pittock, Norman Burtenshaw, Graham Oakley, Norman Stevens, George Siviter, plus Richard Bragg and Alan Lyons who I’ve seen mentioned on the excellent Mile Oak pages. I can’t remember if Bob Carden was at the same school but I was born the same year so our paths must have crossed somewhere!If you’re out there, lads, give us a call.

    By Den King (14/10/2008)
  • Just going through those names: Maurice Leach is on Friends Reunited, but I haven’t contacted him. Nicky Main sadly died in around 1989. I saw it in the Argus and went to the memorial service at St Nicolas Church but only recognised his mother and someone who could have been his old mate John Steel, among those present.
    Brian Cox: Al Sweetman spoke to him about a eighteen months ago.
    Micky Pittock: I used to see someone in Lewes at lunch times and thought it might be Mick, I was never sure enough to actually speak to him. What I did notice though was that, about the time we were all sixty-five, I stopped seeing him, possibly indicating that he had worked there. (I live in Ringmer which is about four miles North East of Lewes.)
    Again Al Sweetman saw Norman Burtonshaw about eighteen months ago. I believe George Siviter went back to Scotland before we left school. On the programme for the 2008 Shoreham Air Disply I noticed that one of the people invloved was called Derek Harbour and I guess it could have been him. Bob Carden worked for CVA/KTM/FMT which was all the same Company and I have had contact with him quite recently. I don’t know about the others. I do recall Georgie Pittock and I were good mates, we were also frantic aircraft spotters and we thought Albert Selence, who lived up Shelldale Road, was the bees knees because he was on the TA anti-aircraft batteries and obviously had to be red hot at aircraft recognition. He used to test us by asking us to identify aircraft caught on camara at funny angles. Believe it or not Alan Sweetman does still live at the same address in Gardener Street.

    By Jimmy Smith (07/01/2009)
  • Blimey Jimmy, I only live up the road from you in Uckfield! Sorry to hear Nick is gone, we painted a mural on the art room wall together, plus a long picture to commemorate the Coronation which I think was shown at Ardingly show. I wonder if its still knocking about in some dusty cupboard somewhere? Used to see Nick at Castle Square in the sixties after seeing my girlfriend onto her bus but we never spoke for some unknown reason. George Siviter I believe, joined the marines as a bandsman. Never kept in touch with any old school chums once I left. George Pittock was my corporal at Bicester for a few months during national service, Norman Stevens ran the room next door. I let Pete Bristow into my barracks in 1958 while on gate duty in Munster West Germany, he was driving a lorry but can’t recall his regiment. I was in the RAOC. Met Graham Oakley on a building site at Heathfield a few years back, he was a brickie and I a plumber. Used to see Derek Harbour and John Redmond (deceased I believe) in the pubs in Brighton, again in the 60s, but apart from them, I aint seen nobody! I guess it would be a job to recognise anyone from those days now. I don’t recognise that old fart who looks back at me from the mirror!

    By Den King (09/01/2009)
  • Do not despair Den you certainly wouldn’t recognise me. These days as I lurch unsteadily along the road, children run screaming for their mothers and dogs rapidly depart the scene with their tails between their legs; no change there then.
    But never mind; I think I saw your mural on the Antiques Road Show the other day; I seem to remember that they valued it at a quarter of a million pounds. I will contact you via e-mail.

    By Jimmy Smith (09/01/2009)
  • How great it is to look at old photos. I can remember all the faces and often wondered how we are all getting on, I have lived in New Zealand for 35 years. Portslade school were the best years of our lives but it is sad to hear of those who passed away, but good to see so many are still alive. Should any of you read this and want to send an email please do so –

    By Colin Evans (19/08/2009)
  • Nice to hear about the old Mile Oak school. I remember the weekly trips to the girl’s school for football  – to see the girl’s playing basketball in there navy blue nicks - will I never change. I am the younger brother of George Pittock and cousin to Micky Pittock and I got the stick in advance at school for following behind them – thanks guys. Sad to say I have lost contact with both. Micky used to play in goal for Portslade,  if I remember right. He was the right size,  a big lad he was. When I started work he gave me an old car and some work in Saltdean. What good days they were. I believe George lives in the Kemp Town area? Wish you both well should you see or hear of this posting; probably too old now - I’m a young 62.

    By Mick Pittock (24/09/2009)
  • Hello Mick, back in the fifties me and your brother were best mates. Have you seen my comments 08/01/2009. I remember you as a child of four or five and one of the things I remember about your house in Trafalgar Road was a photo of your dad taken during the war. It depicted him in naval uniform in a meditative mood with thoughts of his wife and child depicted above by a picture of your Mum and the young George; I wonder if it is still around? I also remember dog Ted and your flamboyant cousin Shirley Bowles. Have you seen your Cousin Mick on the Trafalgar Road page; he’s not going to be too pleased with your comment about his (our) age.

    By Jimmy Smith (03/10/2009)
  • Jimmy I am shocked you remember the photo of my Dad that used to hang in the front room just inside the door, and the model ship he carved whilst on duty. When the house was cleared George took those. and we have now lost contact but I have my dad’s medals. And Ted the dog – well I had forgoten him. Don’t remember Shirley. I have seen cousin Mick’s posting on the Trafalgar Road page – that page sure does bring the memories back. I am going to look through the site again to see what else pops up.

    By Mick Pittock (06/10/2009)
  • Roger Locke had a younger brother David. They lived in Benfield Close in the mid to late 1950’s. Their father ran a Taxi firm near Portslade Station in Carlton Terrace. Both brothers were mad keen on motorbikes. Has anyone any recent info on the family?

    By Chris McBrien (01/01/2010)
  • Hi Den. You won’t know me but I saw your comment about George Siviter (09/01/2009). He did indeed join the marines as a bandsman and served until the late 1960s. After running a couple of pubs with his wife and baby daughter (me!), moved up to a village near Bicester and joined the Royal Mail. Sadly George passed away in 2003, so never got to fully enjoy his retirement in Derbyshire as planned – but he had very fond memories of school.

    By Isabel Lough (28/01/2010)
  • Dear Isabel. So sorry to hear George has passed on. He used to live in the next road to me. I remember him as a good friend. Did he have a younger brother?

    By Den King (11/02/2010)
  • Hi Mick Pittock, I remember 23 Trafalgar Road, and your brother George when he lived at, I think, St Michael’s Place in Brighton.

    By Wendy Pole (17/04/2010)
  • Re the above photo of Class 4a: my younger brother Brian Turner is 1st left on the front row and has been living in Spain for many years after moving from Midhurst in Sussex. He comes over on family occasions. On the centre row 1st right, is my old mate James Smith who lived until fairly recently at 56 Shelldale Road and I am told has moved to Bristol. If any one has news of him I should be grateful. My name is Kenneth Turner, 1938/1963 at 50 Shelldale Road, now living in Southampton.

    By Kenneth Turner (25/02/2013)
  • Brian Turner: Where in Spain do you live? I live in Murcia.

    By Paul Abbott (26/05/2013)
  • Re: note from Paul Abbott. My brother, Brian Turner, is living in Granada, I shall get in touch with him and tell him you have inquired about him. You haven’t bumped into Jim Smith over there have you? Although, I don’t think he was into bull fighting!

    By Kenneth Turner (28/05/2013)
  • Further note to Paul Abbott. Have contacted my brother Brian Turner and he is quite excited about a possible meeting with you. He says you only live just down the road from his address, which is Brian Turner, Abelardo, Lopez de Ayala 4, Baza, 18800. Granada, Spain. Phone no 958701252. He tells me he is quite happy for me to put this information on here. I hope you have a few trips down memory lane – any problem let me know.

    By Kenneth Turner (01/06/2013)
  • Hi Paul.  Saw this web site recently and note a few of our school mates have moved to Spain. We also moved here 12 years ago to try and get some sun and hopefully improved health.
    Regards Ray Harris (the little one in photo front and centre).

    By Ray Harris (27/01/2015)
  • To Ray Harris, perhaps you can give me your address for Spain. We live in the Murcia area. 


    By Paul Abbott (16/05/2015)
  • Hi Paul. We live in Orba near Denia, Alicante.

    By Ray Harris (23/09/2015)

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