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Class 4a - 1953-4

My friend Derek Holloway [5th from left front row] recently sent me this photograph from New Zealand where he now lives.

Having seen the other photographs of our school published, I thought I would submit this photo and see if any one remembers me.

I am on the far left middle row. I can put names to most of the guys in the photo but have no idea of their whereabouts, as i have lived in Burgess Hill for the last 45years.

Can you recognise yourself or anyone else? If you can, please leave a message below.   

Click on the photograph to open a large version in a new window.

Portslade County School Class 4a - 1953-4
From the private collection of Derek Holloway

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  • Hi Keith,I remember you from our Drove Crescent days and when we used to walk home together after leaving our girlfriends in Hove. I seem to remember that it was you that told me that Buddy Holly had died. Best wishes.

    By Tony Clevett (30/10/2010)
  • Hi Keith. I am watching this page with great interest here in New Zealand as I would also like to make contact with my old school pals! Regards.

    By Derek Holloway (04/11/2010)
  • The 1954/55 football team photo shows a better picture of the Grace twins. 7th from the right is Morely who had an artificial lower arm. He used to run the 440yds races.

    By Paul Abbott (10/04/2011)
  • Paul, have just had look at the site and seen your comment re Ian Morly, he and I were good friends and I remember him telling me that he lost most of his forearm helping his father in the family butcher’s shop. Whilst pushing the meat into an electric mincer he got his fingers caught and by the time they turned the thing off he had lost most of his arm. I remember that he would bang his false arm on the desk with some force to draw attention to a point he was making, and he had a relatively large supply of mars bars on hand, due to the fact that he had a bigger supply of sweet coupons. The other claim to fame for me was that he also had a complete model set of the German high fleet and after several years of whining and cajoling he allowed me to see it. I remember he was the best at tech drawing in Mr Broadbanks class and went on to be an architect. I hope this is of interest, regards, Derek.

    By Derek Holloway (23/05/2012)
  • After many months I revisited this site and thought I should try and add names to the faces in this photograph. I apologise if I have some names wrong and to those I can not remember at all, after all its only been 50 odd years and the old grey matter aint what it used to be. Anyway here goes; back row left to right Ray Finch, Dennis Smith, Grace Twins, Alastair Albertson?,Terry Pittock, Ian Morely, David Doull, John Steel,? ? ? Middle row yours truly,? Cox,? Everitt, Dennis Etherington, Roy Smith, Arthur Ratcliffe (who passed away age 19), Derek Marks,? Cunningham,? ,? , Collin Gent, ? Front row Brian Winstanley, ? Smart, ? Berisford, Gerald Binstead, my great friend Derek Holloway, Jimmy Wise, Mickey Goble, ? ?

    By Keith Granger (11/09/2013)
  • Hi Keith, I am David Doull’s younger brother. I remember you living in Drove Crescent. Dave is living near Spalding now. He still looks the same as in the photo here. He went into the RAF and came out after 12 years.He has done a few managerial jobs in different industries. I will tell him that you are on this site. Regards, Greg

    By Greg Doull (21/10/2013)
  • Hello Greg. I remember David having a young brother though we never met too often due to the age difference. It is nice to know David is doing well as we were good friends. If he still looks the same as in the photograph I would like to know what he is on! You say David is living near Spalding, is that Lincoln? Wishing you and David a Merry Xmas. Regards Keith

    By Keith Granger (02/12/2013)
  • Hi Keith, I contacted David earlier and told him about this contact with you. He was pleased you were ok and still remember him, as he does you. I told him about this site, but Dave is not too well up on this puter business, unlike me, at 67, can’t get enough of it. If only all this stuff was around when I was a kid, I wouldn’t have driven an articulated truck for 40 years.

    Dave still has family at Brighton/Hove and Portslade and goes down a few times a year from Spalding, Lincs. If you want to contact him, I have no objection to supplying my email address for the future: Happy New Year – hope to hear from you soon.

    By Greg Doull (05/01/2014)
  • Hi Keith, just noticed that you live in Burgess Hill. I used to deliver to Wilkinsons shop with the double decker artics up to 3 years ago. Used to get there for 6pm and leave about 9 pm. Re: the Portslade Boys school – of all the pictures of the various classes, I am not on any of them! Must have missed school that day, or they took a picture after I had left at Christmas ’62. Did you contact Dave? Greg

    By Greg Doull (01/02/2014)
  • My recollection of Mr Morley was that he was employed by the CEGB at their training workshop at Brighton PS. I thought he then moved to Scotland where he was employed in the electrical supply industry until his retirement.

    By Ken Broomfield (04/04/2015)
  • To Keith Granger, just to let you know that Dave Doull has passed away.

    By Greg Doull (26/07/2015)
  • Just wanted to ask Greg Doull if he had a sister called Wendy? She was my best friend for quite a while at Portslade Girls School.

    By Lucy Muller (24/01/2017)
  • Hi Lucy.  How lovely that you remembered me. Yes, Greg is my big brother. I hope life has been good to you.

    By Wendy Doull (15/02/2017)
  • Lucy, if you log back into this site, it would be fantastic to get in touch. I will send an email address. Wendy (Doull, as you knew me).

    By Wendy Doull (02/03/2017)
  • Hi Wendy, this is a surprise, I haven’t looked on here for a while but was amazed to see your reply.

    Very sorry to hear about your brother, I remember you talking about them both and I believe I met Greg when you were living in the Mile Oak road.

    Be good to hear from you,


    By Lucy Muller (03/07/2017)
  • Hi Lucy,

    Wonderful to hear from you! It would be really good to catch up. Naturally I am a bit concerned about my email address being published on a public forum. However, people should be disuaded from contact as I shall be asking a series of questions from respondents that would eliminate any other person other than yourself. Wendy xxx

    By Serenmor (11/08/2017)

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