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School trip: undated

The school had four houses Arundel, Bramber, Lewes and Pevensey. This photo was taken on a trip to those castles and followed by the climb up Mount Caburn, near Lewes.

This particular trip will probably be remembered for the fact that some of the lads decided to ‘attack’ Pevensey castle via the seemingly dried up moat. Of course it wasn’t as dried up as it looked, resulting in boys sinking up to their knees in centuries old mud complete with centuries old smell.

Can you recognise yourself or someone else here? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Portslade County School trip
From the private collection of Tony Clevett

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  • I think I can name most of the lads in this photo although there are some half hidden ones that I am not sure of. The teacher is of course the brilliant Anthony Wooston Hugh Nicholas, music teacher, BSA rider and expert with the slipper. Could he still be around? He lived in Seaford. If the hidden ones can identify themselves, I would love to know.

    By Tony Clevett (26/04/2010)
  • These are only ones I can recognise: Tony Clevett, John Upton, Donald Whip and Robin Payne. I’m standing at the back at the right (looking at photo).

    By Barrie Lawson (28/04/2010)
  • In my last comment, I made a mistake. Looking at the photo, I am at the back, on the left. As Tony Clevett said, most of the boys ended up knee deep in mud as they were trying to cross the moat which looked solid, but as they found out, wasn’t.

    By Barrie Lawson (28/04/2010)
  • I have just found someone else I remember – one of my best friends Bob Edwards. As I said in my last comment, I am standing and Bob is sitting in front of me.

    By Barrie Lawson (30/06/2010)
  • Hi, I remember the Pevensey trip well. I was one of the ‘up to my knees in mud’ crew. I am directly behind AWHN , in the dark pullover between John Winstanley and Robin Bradford. I am also third in from the left, middle row of the Class 4a photo. Really good to see these photographs. I have three pictures 1954/5 1955/6 1956/7 of the school 3rd 2nd and 1st football X1’s if you you would like them? Sorry to hear about Robin Bradford, we were best mates at school but lost touch.

    By David Smith (20/07/2010)
  • Hello David Smith, sadly as well as Robin, some of the others in the photo have also passed on. Why not post your photos on this school site? I’m sure they would be interesting.

    By Tony Clevett (24/07/2010)
  • I just came across the photo while browsing, I remember that trip to Pevensey very well. I too was in the moat. I can put a name to most of the boys even after all these years. I’m sitting behind Donald Whip. Great to see the photo. The only person I have contact with now is Mick Cornford.

    By Michael English (12/11/2010)
  • Good to know you are ok Michael.

    By Tony Clevett (15/11/2010)
  • I remember this trip and I, more by luck rather than good judgement, was not one of the ones who ran into the mud. It is great to see this picture, although I really do not remember it being taken. Was it on the same trip where we went to look over the Cuckmere valley at that vantage point on the road between Seaford and Alfriston? This looks like where the picture may have been taken. Remembering Mr Nicholas, I think that he may well have been frowned upon by the hiearchy of the school. He was very trendy and I remember him, at one music lesson, introducing us all to Lonnie Donegan’s first recording, “Rock Island Line” which was a sensation and introduced a new craze called “Skiffle”. I remember that he had a French student staying with him, at one point (how that kind of thing worked with a batchelor, in those days, I do not know). Tony Smith and I, one weekend, cycled all the way over from Portslade to Seaford to visit and see the student. I cannot remember his name, but we had a great time cycling out, I believe, as far as Alfriston and still finding time to cycle back home to Portslade in time for tea. How did we have the energy to do it and why, way back then, did our parents not worry about where we were all day? Back at school on Monday it was made clear that no favouritism existed, because of the trip, and that Tony and I could still get the slipper just the same as anybody else in the class. A face I recognise, among others in that photograph of, yes, 60 years ago, is Laurie Coppard- we used to have great times together, where he lived in Trafalgar Road, just down the road from me, reading and falling about, over cocoa with cheese sandwiches, laughing at Issie Bonn and the Finklefeffer Family in the Radio Fun Comic of the time. Are you still out there Laurie? I could go on forever, so I had better stop and maybe respond again if anybody comes back on any of this.

    By John Upton (13/03/2012)
  • My husband Keith appears in two of these photos. He is well.

    By Julie Doo (22/03/2012)
  • John, the French student you mention is in the photo between Pete Waughman and Ian Smart.

    By Tony Clevett (09/04/2012)
  • Julie, Keith and I were great friends. I haven’t seen him since school though. Say ‘Hi’ to him from me.

    By Tony Clevett (09/04/2012)
  • Hi Tony, glad to know you are still around. Back in the ’60s I started a band called THE NEED with Terry Aiken, Robin Bradford’s brother; we are back together again and recording. Another interesting fact is that the sound man is Paul Winstanley, son of Margaret Martin as was. Kind regards Tom Winstanley.

    By Tom Winstanley (02/10/2012)
  • Hi Tom, blimey, good to hear from you. I do remember you and Terry had a very good group, even appearing on New Faces I believe. I too was in a group at the time and used to sit in on drums at your practices in the Twitten sometimes. Small world, Margaret was my girlfriend at the time as was Terrys sister Myra, wonder what happened to her. Good to know you and the band are back together, good luck to you all. Is it your van I see around sometimes? All the best,Tony.

    By Tony Clevett (23/10/2012)
  • Hi Tony so nice to here from you. Myra lives in Newhaven and yes that is my van, I also keep in touch with Jeff Martin who was our first drummer. It was the band TOGETHER that won New Faces, Terry being their singer they were pro at the time. Best regards keep in touch,Tom.

    By Tom Winstanley (25/10/2012)
  • Hi Tom, nice to hear from you again. Put me down for your first CD when its released. I now live in Worthing with 2nd wife Marion. Just retired after 29 years in maintenance at Southlands hospital, can’t get used to it yet. I fill my time with family history and of course still love my music. Lots of CDs and 3 guitars for my own amusement (not in your class). I would love to hear from Myra. Memories of the Regent etc. if you see her. Yes, keep in touch. Tony.

    By Tony Clevett (26/10/2012)
  • Hi Tony, I will be very pleased to give you a cd, they are for our enjoyment only as all audio tapes of the band are now gone. I will be with Terry Friday and send your regards to Myra. Cheers Tom.

    By Tom Winstanley (30/10/2012)

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