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Small ship in Aldrington Basin

I took this photo at the Lagoon end of the habour about twenty or thirty years ago.

I can’t remember any details of the vessel, except that I think it was called ‘The Nonsuch’.

I’m sure someone out there can tell us about it.


Small ship in Aldrington Basin
Photo by Ron Charlton

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  • Hello Ron, I understand from a relative who worked for the Harbourmaster, that they put canvas screens around it to shield the buildings, and used it for filming.

    By Jeremy Homeward (10/01/2010)
  • Ron, if that is the same Nonsuch, it was a replica of a famous 1700s one. Also judging by the car in the background, it is more likely to have been taken between 1968 when it was launched and 1970 when it was taken to Canada, and now resides in a museum in Montreal. Try googling Nonsuch Montreal.

    By Jeremy Homeward (10/01/2010)
  • To Jeremy Homeward: Quite right Jeremy. I went to “thenonsuch montreal” website and compared the pictures. There is no doubt it is the same ship. Many thanks. You’ve put some flesh on the bones. I guess you are right about the date, longer ago than I thought. Blame my ageing brain cell. Best wishes.

    By Ron Charlton (20/01/2010)

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