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Christmas 1918

This is a card from a soldier of the 9th Sussex Regiment. The message inside is “To Mr & Mrs Terry (my Grandparents in Brighton) from Jimmy wishing you all a merry Christmas”.

I do not know the identity of Jimmy, but one wonders what he had gone through over the previous 5 years or so. There must have been a feeling of relief in being able to send the card at all.

Christmas card 1918
From the private collection of Dennis Parrett
Christmas card 1918
From the private collection of Dennis Parrett

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  • Hallo Dennis. Yes as you said, makes you wonder what his life was after! What unknown horrors he witnessed. Wonder who he was, and who drew the soldier? Lets hope he returned and had a good life.

    By Jennifer Tonks nee Smith (03/02/2009)
  • I am now wondering if the card is possibly connected to the solder with a rifle. See Topics – Views of the City – Mystery Photos. Jimmy could be this young lad who would still have been young enough to have gone to war 1914 to 1918. We will probably never know for certain.

    By Dennis Parrett (05/02/2009)
  • I have in my possession a letter dated 11 November 1918, written by my grandfather on the Western Front, to his wife and three young children back in Brighton. My grandfather (Hartley Stenning) was part of an old Sussex family and he had joined up with his wife’s brother, Alf Griffin in 1915. Both lived in Kemp Town and were active in the parish of St Anne’s. Hartley Stenning won the Military Medal for his bravery in WW1 and survived until his death in 1977. Alf Griffin, unfortunately was reported MIA then confirmed killed, leaving a widow and two young daughters. My grandfather’s letter written on Armistice Day is one of my prized possessions. He was overjoyed at having survived the slaughter and was looking forward to returning home to Brighton. Unfortunately his Military Medal was lost in the mail when he tried to send it to his grandson (my brother) out here in Australia.

    By Cordelia Hull (14/08/2009)

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