A pupil 1955-1960

School entrance
Photo by Roger Bateman

Over-priced uniforms

I attended the school from 1955 to 1960. My father went to an introductory parents meeting and noted down on the back of the school brochure the cost of each item of clothing needed: Cap 8/11  Tie 7/6  Blazer £2/17/6  Socks 10/6, as well as other items like pullover, scarf and rugby shirt. We all started with blue bib and brace overalls for workshop practice, obtained from Bishops of Bond Street. We had only been at the school a couple of years when some parents persuaded the school that the expensive blazers with the gold and blue braid all round, only available from Horton-Stephens, were really too dear, so plain black ones were allowed [with the school badge]. Mums went and bought cheaper, black blazers from M&S and then sewed the old badge on from last year’s outgrown blazer.

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Special lasting memories

I remember that the school playground was tiny. Was Mr Berry, the caretaker, the only caretaker to throw water on to the playground to create a slide for us on frosty mornings? Then there were the smelly cloakrooms; more so on a wet day with dripping raincoats, and the wooden lockers [keys 3 shillings]. What about the huge mural in the canteen? Does anyone remember the cut through across one corner of the gym, to the other block of the school which was used by pupils on pain of death. The cigarette smoke that billowed out of the staffroom when you were sent there with a message is a lasting memory. And of course the rush from that very staff room, out along Coleman Street to the pub at lunchtime.

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  • Hi I was a French assistant in 72-73   I have a few snaps including pupils and one teacher(sorry I forgot his name) Are you interested?  I need an E-mail address to join those snaps.

    Editor’s note: Get in touch with me at jennifer@mybrightonandhove.org.uk

    By Dupont Philippe (27/01/2016)
  • Went to the Building School from 1953 to February 1956. Some bully pinched my cap in January 1956 and I had a hard time explaining to the Headmaster that my Mother couldn’t afford to buy a new cap because we were soon off to Australia. I got bullied in Oz also because I was a little scrawny fellow. My best memory of the Building School is joining the scrabble for iced finger buns at the tuck shop.

    By David Taylor (24/02/2016)
  • I attended this 1888 built “dump” from ’52 – ’54 after the 13 plus sat at Patcham Seniors. I’m so glad that it was pulled down as it was the most insanitary of buildings such as the changing Room under the stairs which stank, The hall where Mr Weedall insisted we did Gym in bare feet. It was a hell hole. I was in 3x, 4x and the Lower 5th before leaving in ’54.

    By John Snelling (30/12/2020)
  • I bumped into Mr. Weedall back in 1958 along Queens’ Park Road, when I went to meet my girl friend that worked in an engineering factory at the far south end of Queens Park Road. He was working there, doing what, I never did find out.
    I went into the RAF soon after, to do my deferred National Service (plus one year to be a regular with more pay and more leave). I forgot all about him once I was in the RAF.

    By Vic Bath (08/07/2021)

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