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Did You Know? : Hitler's personal headquarters

Royal Pavilion and Hitler
'Did you know?' from the 'My Brighton' exhibit

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  • The threat of Hitler invading southern England caused a ‘notice to quit’ being issued in June 1940 by the commander of troops to all businesses operating along Brighton beach. This was to enable the beach to be fortified. Because of this action my grandfather Mr Herbert Tennent lost his seafront refreshment hut which traded by the Palace Pier. He subsequently came up with the idea for the same in the Pavilion Gardens. The Brighton Borough Corporation agreed to this request and hence the beginning of the Pavilion Gardens Cafe in 1941. The site of this hut was adjacent to the Northside of the Royal Pavilion and the road that ran between the North and Indian Gates. Therefore Hitler’s invasion threat caused the Pavilion Gardens Cafe to be born.

    By David Sewell (04/12/2007)

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