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Mods and Rockers

Please note that this text is an extract from a reference work written in 1990.  As a result, some of the content may not reflect recent research, changes and events.

Two rival youth cultures that clashed several times at Brighton in the 1960s, the most infamous occasion being the so-called ‘Battle of Brighton’ at the Whitsun holiday, 17-18 May 1964. The Brighton police were prepared for trouble as there had been clashes at Clacton and Hastings at Easter, but the town was invaded by up to 3,000 youths. The leather-jacketed ‘Rockers’ arrived on their motor-bikes on the Sunday morning, but were challenged in the afternoon by a much larger number of the neatly-dressed ‘Mods’ on their motor-scooters.
Several small scuffles broke out, but the most serious trouble was around the Palace Pier where hundreds of deckchairs were broken, pebbles were used as missiles, and the Savoy (now Cannon ) Cinema windows were smashed. Eventually 150 police and a police horse quelled the disturbance, but the violence was repeated the following morning with several thousand spectators watching the confrontations from the Aquarium Sun Terrace and Marine Parade ; the sea-front traders, however, rapidly boarded up their properties. Twenty-six youths appeared in the juvenile court the following week and were handed stiff sentences, but fortunately no-one was seriously injured.
The events of the Whitsun holiday of 1964 were never repeated again in such magnitude, but trouble amongst youths has flared on several Bank Holiday weekends since, notably in 1969, 1970, 1974, 1977, 1980 and 1981. However, the worst violence seen in the town in recent years occurred after the English football team’s World Cup semi-final defeat on 4 July 1990 when mobs of youths ran through the town centre smashing windows and looting shops.

Any numerical cross-references in the text above refer to resources in the Sources and Bibliography section of the Encyclopaedia of Brighton by Tim Carder

Mods and Rockers at Palace Pier, c. 1964: Crowds of Mods, Rockers and other pedestrians on the pavement outside the entrance to Palace Pier. Four people are attempting to cross the road.
Image reproduced with kind permission from Newsquest Ltd

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  • Oh my goodness me does this bring back memories? I was there in the crowd of spectators a young 12 y/old lad watching this. I remember how the police grays formed up behind us then on signal slowly walked through the lines with those big batons raised and then upon command proceeded to do battle. Anybody else remember this event?
    When I emigrated to Australia in June that year, they wouldn’t believe me when I told them about this.

    By James A Roncoli (27/04/2009)
  • I also remember being stuck on the beach near the Palace Pier when all this happened. I was with a couple of friends (John Green and Alan Bowyer, as I recall). We were 15 at the time and it was pretty terrifying. Brighton streets became deserted canyons while Mods and Rockers prowled around on and off their bikes and scooters. We were about 50 yards away from the Police horses when they moved in to clear the rioters. It wasn’t pleasant being stuck in a sea of kids, some of whom were really looking for trouble, others like us just hanging around – how dumb can crowds be! On the way home walking along a deserted London Road, just opposite the Co-op, a scrawny rocker with a big transistor radio on his shoulder (a precursor to the Ghetto Blasters of the 1980s) yelled at John Green and I “who are you ****** screwing at?” We stupidly taunted him about his star tattoos on his ears (we could see them from across the street) and then had to run for what we though were our lives. His hefty Ghetto blaster was fortunately for us a serious impediment to his being able to catch us. Thankfully he was alone but had a large chain in his hands – as did many of his rocker buddies that day. Most people in the US also don’t believe the violence that came to Brighton for a few years running around Whitsun. Going back to school (Varndean) after the “holiday” was a bit surreal. Phil Allsopp, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

    By Phil Allsopp (24/05/2009)
  • I was a Rocker in Brighton. Had a great time sleeping under pier and in Volks Railway and being chased around by the police. Used to meet in a cafe by the station and get the Mods coming down to Brighton from Crawley.

    By Louis Simkiss (12/01/2011)
  • The Whitsun Bank Holiday of May 1964 is etched in my memory. We always went to Brighton for bank hols and stayed at the St Martin’s hotel off the seafront (anyone remember it?). I so vividly recall mum holding my hand and tippy toe-ing along the pebbles in front of the aquarium terrace. I asked mum what they were doing as deck chairs were crashed over heads. Those were the days!

    By Michael Griffin (10/06/2011)
  • I loved being a rocker – the bikers’ cafes, daygo, littlechief. Fab days. Lucky to be part of that time.

    By Shirley Grace Jennings (05/07/2011)
  • I was never a Rocker as such, used to ride my 650 Thunderbird wearing a USAF parka sometimes but usually a waxed Belstaff Trialsmaster jacket to keep the rain out, I just like motorcycles more than scooters. My mate Bob Howell lived next door to the Daygo in Patcham and we were the first customers when Bob’s Mum treated us to sausage egg and chips on the first night. Also there was the Hi lo at Fiveways near the current HSBC bank. Another place was in Waterloo Street called something like The White Pigeons and yet another was in Lewes. Happy days of chips, coffee and Coke, the occasional half of light ale in the Wilmington at Patcham. Bob’s father George had a workshop near the Daygo where he repaired many of the local lads’ bikes, my Thunderbird Combo came from him via its owner Rob Kenley. It had a Stieb sidecar and was bright red, I think I paid about £75 for it. I rode to the Carden youth club on the back of Jim Parkes’ Vespa sometimes (never confused) – bikes were best.

    By Alan Spicer (08/07/2011)
  • Bet you wish you still had the Steib sidecar, Alan? Worth a king’s ransom these days.

    By Len Liechti (10/07/2011)
  • Yes Len, I wish I had most of the bikes now as I could retire in comfort. The Stieb was a 501, I think, with a cast alloy handgrip on the mudguard which housed the light, also a handy boot to carry the wet weather gear. My Father had several bikes including a couple of Norton Internationals and an early Manx. There is a Vincent Rapide on line for £33,000 if you fancy one – and they are still bidding !!

    By Alan Spicer (14/07/2011)
  • I becam a Mod in an “instant” after watching Quadrophenia. Next day , brought a parka , Fred Perry, Levis 501s and pork pie hat. They were great days, looking the bees knees, watching out for Skins and Punks circa 1979 and 1980. Still a Mod at heart at 52 – check out for some super gear.

    By Tony Hayes (27/07/2011)
  • Hi Tony Hayes, I’ve been a Modette since 1977 loved every minute of it gettng chased by rockers along the sea front, wish I could go back to those days again. I’m still a Modette today and I’m 44. Once a Mod always a Mod. If you’d like to, join my Paul Mod Weller page on Facebook. Tony plz do. K.T.F.

    By Bridget Dawkins (04/08/2011)
  • Hi Alan, I remember the Daygo coffee bar very well. I married Bob Howell in 1971. Sorry to say Bob passed away Dec 2004.

    By Maureen Howell (06/08/2011)
  • I’m new to this site but what memories it brings back. Bob Howell’s family lived next door to the site of the old Daygo till 2004. What a great family – they were my in laws. Who remembers Paul Amery and Jenny?

    By Maureen Howell (06/08/2011)
  • Hi Alan. My fingers are so stiff I hit the wrong keys. Bob and I married in 1970; did you marry Liz Durant? Do you remember Bob Filby, Keith Rummary, Bruce Cousins, Pat Sheppard and all the crew from the public bar at the Wilmington pub? Am I right in saying your dad also had a bike? Do you remember Eileen, the lovely barmaid - think her surname was Wyndam

    By Maureen Howell (07/08/2011)
  • I was a rocker, still have my leather jacket that I would never part with. I left school in the summer that year so couldn’t afford one at that time, but I definitely would have been there. I’m still a biker as we call ourselves now at the grand age of 62. We tour Europe and have all our holidays on the bike - weather permitting. Used to be in The Whiskey A Go-Go most nights, near the Clock Tower. I remember some names Fred Hall, Des & Ken Johnston, Phill ?, & my step sister of course Eileen Needham. I moved to Nottingham in 1965, but even came back down 3 weeks later for Easter. I stayed with a friend called Kip & his mum, also in a caravan somewhere that belonged to Phill’s dad. My mum saw me on the news, as I was on a bike & side car with a friend, we had a load of empty bottles in it but never used them for anything. A few of us were put in a police van & let out again, I think it was just to frighten us, but we hadn’t done anything anyway. I still love Brighton & go back now & then; the memories come flooding back!

    By Anne Newman (09/08/2011)
  • Does anyone remember a mod called King Jerry? He seemed to have a big following.

    By David Hunt (04/02/2012)
  • I remember King Jerry from the late 60’s and 70’s. He’s still around. The last I heard King Jerry was DJ at a monthly soul/Motown review at the Corals Stadium Hove.

    By Michael Brittain (06/02/2012)
  • I think he used to DJ at the Florida Club before it was the Aquarium.

    By David Hunt (07/02/2012)
  • The memories! I would love to catch up with the old gang and see who is still biking? How are you Alan, Tony, Len?

    By Keith Morgon (17/05/2012)
  • Re ‘Anyone remember Paul and Jen Amey?’: I met Paul and Jen after me and my mate Rick Walton had ridden down from Leeds on an old BSA A7. We stopped at the Dago and Paul and Jen looked after us northerners and we became good friends with Paul visiting us up here in Leeds. Still have a Daygo motorcycle club patch.

    By Dave (28/06/2012)
  • I remember Paul Amey very well, he was my boyfriend in about 1963. We used to go to a cafe on The Fiveways most nights. We were about 14 at the time, he was mad on The Rolling Stones so I had to learn all about them. Used to go to his house to listen to his records. He was very tall with brown curly hair. Can’t remember the name of the cafe. I live in Nottingham now so not that far from Dave!

    By Anne Newman (29/09/2012)
  • Maureen, sorry to hear about Bob we were good friends in the 60s. The last time we met was at Varndean whilst checking out 6th Form Colleges for our respective offspring. Also I seem to remember you had a sister Barbara who went out with another friend, Adrian Hearne ? I remember all the names you mention. Bruce as you probably know died some years back . Regards

    By Alan Spicer (14/01/2013)
  • I remember those mods and rockers weekends so well it was so exciting seeing the huge groups baiting each other. I was only eight at the time so missed out on the action but in 1975 I got my 1st scooter, a Lambretta which was my only form of transport. It only lasted two weeks as it died on me so I got another one, a blue and white beauty from Jerry Ingrams in Hollingdean Taerace and I rode it for four years until I got my first car, a Mini. The love of two wheels never left me and at 57 years old I am cruising around on a 1600cc Harley Street bob , fantastic! A strange twist of fate just before I sold her- my blue and white Lambretta appeared in the movie Quadraphenia as I lent it to a mate who was an extra in the movie- it is in the scene when the mods arrive in Brighton and it is parked up in a group by the arches at the Aquarium. I remember a rough rocker cafe at the bottom of North Road back in the 60s, I think someone was murdered there, by some rival Hells Angels.

    By Peter Paolella (16/01/2013)
  • Peter, the rough Rocker cafe was The Little Chef. Glad you came to your senses and got a bike (Harley ), only joking as I love all two wheel motorized transport especially early British bikes having had several Triumphs, Nortons, BSA, Ariel,Triton and yes a Lambretta LD. You don’t by any chance work in Eastergate Rd as I often see a nice Harley ridden by an older gent ?

    By Alan Spicer (18/01/2013)
  • Let me know if anyone would like a reunion. We could meet at the car park by the cricket ground where we were forced to park!

    By Keith Morgon (31/01/2013)
  • Sorry Alan, it must be some other old git as I live in Sicily and Malta. Sicily is fantastic for biking all year round with great weather, scenery and places to visit and eat and cheap too. It has very large biker groups of new and old bikes – they love any thing with two wheels and an engine.

    By Peter Paolella (08/03/2013)
  • I remember Paul Amey, he used to go out with my schoolfriend Jenny Spence who lived on Loder Road when we were at Dorothy Stringers. We lost touch after school. Does anyone know if she’s the Jenny that he married, mentioned above? 
    Does anyone remember the name of the coffee bar near Fiveways opposite St Matthias Church? I have The Three Monkeys in my mind but that may have been the one in Burgess Hill.

    By Moxette (25/11/2013)
  • The coffee bar up at Fiveways I think was the Hi Lo, the Three Monkeys was in Burgess Hill, I think. When the Little Chef had to shut we went up to the Hi Lo up at Fiveways. Then you had the others down at the Daygo. Does anyone remember Dave, nickname Maggot? John Mc?, married a girl called Christine, this was back about 65/66? Or Bob Davies and Rose? Would be great if there was a big reunion.

    By Fran Roberts (nee Taylor) (05/12/2013)
  • I was a bit of a hanger on at the Day Go and Little Chef. Sadly Paul and Jen both passed away a few years ago.

    By Roger (05/02/2014)
  • Hi does anyone remember the Five ways café called Maxines,used it all the times in the sixties.

    By Jan (05/02/2014)
  • I have loved reading all these comments of you all reminiscing about what sounds like amazing times! I’m currently trying to make a documentary about mods and rockers as this May it will be 50 years since the big clash on Brighton Beach. If any of you that are around the Brighton or London area would be interested in taking part and being interviewed I would love to hear some of your stories. Please email me on: I look forward to hearing from you.

    By Georgia Salmon (25/02/2014)
  • Roger – thanks. I’m very sad to hear that. Do you know if they ever married? I went to a school reunion a few years ago and someone suggested Jenny might have passed away but didn’t know any more. If you have any info I’d be interested to hear please. I’m

    Jan, I’m pretty sure Maxines is the one I was asking about up above – that was opposite St Matthias, or thereabouts. If so, I used to go there with Jenny Spence and a couple of other school friends.

    By Chris Moxey (17/03/2014)
  • Hi, I was in the day go mcc – I remember names like Kipper, Mick from Henfield and big Paul, he lived by the Little Chef Café by the King and Queen pub in London Rd. My nickname was Leather Johnny, I would like to meet if poss.

    By john guile (12/05/2014)
  • A few names there I recall , Kip , Mick  from Henfield who I think had a Norton and once came up to Leeds on it to see us northerners. Paul and Jen were good friends and always looked after us when we came down in our old American army jeep.

    By Dave (15/08/2015)
  • What a lovely site! I remember the Daygo very well, 1968,1969 and the Little Chef at Grand Parade. I rode a Triumph, still riding now. I used to knock around with Ginger John, Glen Innes, Mad Pete. Does anybody remember Mick Russell and Micky Mare – both smoked pipes? Then there was Buttercup – he rode a bright yellow bike.  Jean always served good coffee and hamburgers at the Daygo – she was lovely and looked after me well.

    By George (13/08/2016)
  • Does anybody remember the Pickett brothers, Bob and Derek? They sold motorbikes out of the arches on Station Road, just below Brighton station back in 1966? It was a great place to go for a good bike. Also on Boundary Road, Hove there was a spares shop selling all unsual and cool gear for your bikes. I used to buy desert rat sun glasses at 3/6pence a go, absolute brilliant place to look around. They were the days for looking cool. Does anybody remember Barry Phillips, he had a gold 650 triumph?

    By George (16/08/2016)
  • We used to go down the Zodiac down St James’ Street with my brother and a few others; also up the Click on Edward St. Fab times.

    By M Hall (19/01/2017)
  • I would just like to thank George for his kind words regarding the Pickett Brothers. I am Bob,and have just had a message from my brother Derek who saw the post -  we are still in the land of the living! Yes, we did pride ourselves with selling “good” bikes, scooters and three-wheelers. Good era to be young as everyone else seems to say. Still biking, it keeps you young at heart.

    By Raymond Robert pickett (01/02/2017)
  • It’s nice to know you’re alive and kicking. I am the guy that walked into the arches and swopped a brand new Royal Endfield 250 for a 650 Thunderbird at sixteen years old, got on and drove up the road from one curb to the other curb – the bike was so heavy. I loved that bike, it was such a good buy. Brighton was a brilliant place to be in the sixties, not only did you have all the cafes at night, there was the Regent Dance Hall in Queens Road with a sprung floor which created a fantastic atmosphere. There was the Picadilly snooker hall underneath Burtons in North Street which stayed open till the early hours of the morning and opposite, the Midnight Cinema was open, with all the bikes parked outside. They were the days of pure freedom.

    By George (03/02/2017)

    Who could forget the Daygo. I remember most of the names you mention: Ginger John, mad Pete, Mick Russell, Micky Mare.  I have just seen on this site who I think may be Keith Morgan with the Steib combo? I haven’t seen them for years. I am still in touch with Pete Allum who had the Goldie.  I have only just joined this site, and wonder if you are the George I last saw in Banfields a few years ago? I’ve still got my Bonneville, and in the process of getting it running again.

    By Barry Phillip (01/07/2017)
  • Among many, many memories are: one Sunday we all went to Barcomb Mills, ginger John got bitten by farmer Brown’s parrot, I seem to remember it went through his thumb nail, ouch. Then another time while returning from a Worthing fairground with Micky Mair half standing on his Norton’s seat with one arm and leg sticking out just as we all passed a squad car parked in the side road. We scattered but I think he was caught. We were all guilty of doing some daft things, good though wasn’t it?

    By Barry Triumph Bonneville (02/07/2017)
  • We at the Daygo spent equal time at the Hi-lo with those already mentioned plus ‘Lego’, ‘Rocker’, ‘Brains’, Pete and Barry Pope, Johns Hinkly, Eden and Reynolds, Jim Gardner, Bob Davis with my cousin Rose. Sorry, I know I’ve missed several!  Some, sadly, are no longer with us. I remember we at the Hi-lo had a collection for a man with terminal cancer who lived at the Fiveways where we used to park our rather noisy bikes. Our ‘apology gift’ made the Argus which I still have.

    By Barry Phillips (04/07/2017)
  • Jean and Bob were the owners of the Daygo, lovely people I must say. Whatever happened to Kipper? I never did know his real name, he was a great character. And what about the big guy Barry Groves (I don’t think he ever had a bike) and his mate Jock? I do remember Ginger and Glen Ince, he was big a guy. Glen was on the back of my Triumph one night, we took off from Patcham traffic lights where the big roundabout is now, he was so heavy the front of the bike went up, and that was my first ever wheelie! My heart was going ten to the dozen. Yes Barry – spot on, it was me in Banfields that day.

    By George (10/07/2017)
  • Hi George mate! Good to hear from you. Yes, they were a nice couple. Don’t know what happened to any of those mentioned. I know Barry Groves was into cars more than bikes. Jock rode a James I think, but was rather accident prone! I saw him knocked up in the air by a car in Bear Rd, and do you remember he hit a hidden concrete post in the grass right outside the Daygo and went over the bars! Those traffic lights remind me when we heard ‘Jack’ did a nine minute lap from the cafe Mill hill to Poynings back to the cafe. So 4 or 5 of us including Micky Mair did an 8 minute lap in the dark! We were well chuffed! I remember seeing you and your daughter, who I thought was Jill? Hope you are all ok.

    By Barry Phillips (10/07/2017)
  • Hi Barry, no Gill is my wife, I met her in the Daygo forty nine years ago, she is the best. I tell you a funny story. I was riding up Islingword Road in 1966 and I noticed a motor bike shop, it was number 114 called Larry Stripps and it looked like he was selling bikes from his front room, God knows how he got them in and out of the property, anyway in the window was an old and panther with side car, I bought it. I collected it a few days later only had it about an hour and managed to hit a parked car up Cheapside had to stop and pick my mud guard up off the road, the very next day I had picked a mate up he was sitting in the side car coming back from the dyke, went around a left hand bend and ended up trapped against some wire, he jumped out cut the wire, we drove through the field and out the farmers gate and down the road with a very bent bike, sold it a few days later, I still have the scars on my hands to this very day. I still laugh now when I think about it. They were brilliant times. Barry get that lovely gold triumph put back together and hear that sound of the 1960s, your black and white number plate. It’s really good to hear from you mate.

    By George (12/07/2017)
  • Hi George, actually I did guess right away she was Gills daughter, she looks so much like her! Where has the time gone. It’s our Ruby wedding this Sunday. Larry Stripp, there’s a name from the past, but I didn’t know him. That Panther would be worth some now. Ha ha, your as bad as Jock! I remember 6 of us in the Margate fairground, surrounded by about 30 mods, we backed up against the nearest stall, where the the bloke behind us said its ok lads, I’m with you, and lifted a baseball bat! The mods backed off into the crowds, but we had to go up on the big wheel to see where they were, and to plan our escape exit, to get to our bikes before they did. I’m sure that the big wheel was a kind of double height. When at the top, we leaned foreword tilting the chair to look down, Micky Mair screamed like girl! of course that made us rock the the ‘chair’ even more! Anyway, we did manage to get to our bikes before they did, or we would have been walking home, or limping! Have you still got the triumph George? 

    By Barry Phillips (13/07/2017)
  • Where are you George? Speak to me!

    By Barry Phillips (10/10/2017)
  • I lived with Paul Amey, Mickey Russell and Mickey Mair in Rugby Rd, Brighton. All the old names are coming back such as Ginger John and Kipper I. 

    By Bernie (08/11/2017)
  • Other names I can remember were Bruce Millis,  John Reynolds,  Chris with the yellow 110, George Siburn, Don and Avril, Mick Fish, Ron Bridger, Chris Evans, Roger Rowlands,  Brains  Suirral,  Ralph from Henfield and mad Pete.

    By Bernie (12/11/2017)
  • Hi George, I remember that bike shop in Islingword Road as I lived two roads further up in Cobden Road and used to pass that shop everyday going to and from School. It was on a corner, an ordinary house with large windows. I used to stop and look in everyday, there would be parts everywhere and normally three or four bikes for sale , some being worked on and some finished. I remember seeing a beauty for sale for 30 Quid, a black Panther with apehangers, Easy Rider had just come out in 69 and everyone was putting apes on their bikes at that time. Everyday I would spend at least 15 minutes staring and dreaming about that Panther. I was 13 back then, it would be worth serious money today. I never forgot that bike and those wonderful days. Today I have a black and chrome Harley Softail Deluxe: a beast of a bike with long fishtail pipes and of course 18 inch apehangers.

    By Peter Paolella (16/11/2017)
  • Hello Bernie how are you? I remember you well, a little guy with long dark hair and black rimmed glasses. Those days in the sixties were the best, there were so many great guys with their bikes and so much fun to be had. The two guys I used to knock around with were Ginger John and Glen Ince who I have lost touch with. Another name I can recall was Lanky Jack. Does anybody remember Ron Geary who used to be a motor bike mechanic for the police? Bernie, I am glad you are still alive and kicking.

    By George Sibun (20/11/2017)
  • Lanky Jack was Jack Muller, he had a flat above a newsagent in London Rd. He built his triumph in his flat and couldn’t  get it down the stairs. Other names I can recall is Roger Mick and Pug from Patcham, and the Pope brothers. Can anyone remember the Hideaway café in Worthing run by a vicar?

    By Bernie (29/11/2017)
  • Anyone remember the Toby Jug in Trafalgar St in 1962?

    By Geoff Lindfield (02/12/2017)
  • Barry Groves used to live in the Islingword area, he was in the building trade. My old man and I used to do tiling work for him, he moved to Woodingdean, the Ridgeway back in the 80s, a clever guy with his hands.  Only ever saw him on a chopper back in early 70s , my old mate Ray Herridge reckoned he had been a bit of a Rocker back in the day!

    By Peter Paolella (03/12/2017)
  • I was from Brighton. Went to all the mod cafes and Top Rank. Had a full length leather coat made by the factory near the train station in old building. Great times – anybody remember me?

    By Paul Piper (28/06/2018)
  • Reply to Geoff Lindfield: Yes I well remember the Toby Jug, just the place for young teenagers, prior to being old enough to frequent the more interesting places in town. I cannot remember the name of the owner but do recall some of the people who used to spend time there pretending to be cool. John Dawson, Kenny Reynolds, Bill Collins, Peter Lee, and lots of others. Fun times for young teenagers. Do you also remember Sammy Davies shop just up the road from the Toby Jug? Now that is another story all by itself.

    By Peter Miller (30/06/2018)
  • Hi, Barry Phillips or George, get in touch.

    By Bernie (28/07/2018)
  • Hi, fascinating reading and so many names I remember. I have great memories of the Daygo cafe even though I was only 4 years old. My parents Jean and Graham owned it for a few years from about 68-ish. Unfortunately both my parents have passed away but I still have photos of the cafe full of leather clad bikers. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers them.

    By Stephen Jackman (14/02/2020)
  • Hi Stephen, I knew your mum Jean and dad Graham, a pair of really lovely people. Jean used to keep us in check if we were too loud, she made great burgers and good coffee; a real darling. the Daygo was just a nice place to hang out, I spent two lovely years – 1967 to 1968 – having fun there. in fact, I met Gill Baker there and we married two years later. We used to park our bikes in the cricket ground carpark 50 yards from the cafe, there were many young bikers that used the Daygo. One name that people have forgotten is Colin Green, he had a Triumph Bonnie and went out with Sue Jepson. They married in 1969 but sadly he died in 2019. Stephen, are you a Brighton boy? And how many photographs have you of the Daygo?

    By George Sibun (17/02/2020)
  • I did answer Chris directly, saying:

    Hello. I came across a thread that was mentioning Paul and Jenny Amey – your question may have been answered. Although I was one of the lads who hung out at Castle Square, so I was definitely not a rocker (I was a Mod/Skin, and went to school at Moulescoomb), Paul and I were good mates and I remember at the time he had a motorbike called ‘Legalise Pot’ and he and Jenny, and a bloke called Bruce, lived in Marlborough Place.

    I was told they moved to Portugal, but sadly both died quite young.

    I lived in Brighton (and Hove) between 1965 and 1979 and have very fond memories.


    By David Crosweller (18/03/2020)
  • Hi David,I saw your coments could not pass you by.I too was at moulescoomb. By the way it’s Kenny McNeill here, I was 1 year below you, like yourself a very keen Arsenal supporter, there was a little group of us used to meet at your house in De Montford road and off we go to Highbury sometimes at Brighton station we met a group from Lewes.

    By Ken Mcneill (24/03/2020)
  • Hello Kenny! How are you?

    Also, Bernie above… The same one that used to cause all that trouble with Glen, John, Trevor and Ronnie? You were a bad influence on those nice quiet lads!

    Kenny, my email is david @

    Feel free to drop me a line, David

    By David Crosweller (02/04/2020)
  • Hello Stephen, I was a regular of the Daygo from ’66 till late ’69 when I was involved in a serious accident, while riding pillion on Colin Evans’ machine. The crash sadly killed Colin, who I know was a favourite of your mum’s. I do remember you as a toddler! It would be really nice to see your photo’s, which you must treasure! The Daygo was an enjoyable 4yrs of our lives, thanks to your mum and dad! They are a good part of 60’s history! Glad to say that I still have the same bike, a Triumph Bonneville since 1966.

    By Barry Phillips (29/04/2020)
  • Hi, Stephen (Jackman). Regarding the Daygo cafe, I never went there, although I heard lots about it from my brother, who often patronized it in the mid 1960s. His name is Eric Hole, and he recognized many of the names above. His very good friend Mick Russell from Henfield also knew lots of these people. Both of them are very interested in seeing the photos of the Daygo – we are all wondering how it can be arranged in these strange times. Perhaps you might be able to post some of them on mybrightonandhove? Or alternatively, please email me on

    By Georgina Hole (08/07/2020)
  • Hi Bob and Derek Pickett.

    Hope you are both well
    best wishes Nick Poole.
    ( castle street motorcycles )
    Still riding in France and still in the trade !( wemotofrance, part of wemoto uk.)

    By Nick Poole (20/08/2020)
  • Hi Georgina
    I knew Eric Hole , through a mutual friend , ‘big’ Pete Foster.
    He had a Gold Star ,a bit of a special one I seem to remember .
    Did he not emigrate to Australia?


    Nick Poole.

    By nicholas poole (05/09/2020)
  • Hi guys, I used to live in Sayers Common and used to frequent the Three Monkeys in Burgess Hill with 2 of my brothers we used to get down to Brighton regularly in the Daygo and the Lagoon at Portslade I recognise loads of the names mentioned great time to be alive 71 and still going strong and living in Derbyshire.
    Stay Safe folks.

    By Alan Wood (05/09/2020)
  • Hi one and all, especially Bernie, yes great days. Micky
    Mare. Paul Amey, Chinee who sadly died .
    Rog Rowlands.

    By Roger (20/09/2020)
  • It was nice to see you roger the other day I would like to catch up with George Suburn and Barry Phillip(gold bonnie). Sometime Bernie I’ve just given up biking had a 110.

    By Bernie ffitch (24/11/2020)
  • George Sibun just to let you know I recently sold the bike T110 I bought off you in the sixties (ULN467) for £25 (a non runner with a dodgy crank).George at Patcham fixed it and I made a few quid when I sold it!

    By Bernie (25/11/2020)
  • I noticed a post from George Sibun (20/11/2017) enquiring about Ron Geary who was a bike mechanic with the police. I think we might be related and would love to find out more if possible?

    By Gilly Welch (18/09/2021)
  • Hello Gilly Welch. were you enquiring about George Sibun or Ron Geary?
    I am intrigued.

    By george sibun (14/10/2021)
  • I was a London mod now 75 years young, every Saturday it was Carnaby
    St, loads of scooters and The Who, Small Face’s, etc filling the air, fantastic day’s never to be repeated, I started with ser2 150,ended with gt200 with all the lights and racks, Brighton was one of our haunts, shorlne Bognor Regis, even club’s and pubs in Portsmouth depending on who was playing there, and yes we were in the original mods and rocker punch up, what seems to be forgotten is the mod ball in Wembley where loads of scooters were kicked over by the rockers and quite honestly the press blew it up and couple of weeks later came the first punch up, they also happened in Southend and Clacton, and several other smaller ones, clothes were great, music fantastic, girls wonderful, how I loved those days, love to all surviving mods, live to love, love to live!

    By nigel groves (08/09/2022)
  • Hi
    Just enquiring about the post form Gilly Welch (18/09/2021)
    I’m Scott Geary, Ron Geary’s son would love to hear from anyone that knew my dad back then !

    By Scott geary (21/02/2023)
  • Reference Ron Geary
    I bought my first Honda CB72 from Redhill Motors in 1963. I struck up a good relationship with Ron during that period and he sold me the 305cc CB77 that I always regretted selling. 511EUF.
    Ron was a good guy who taught me a lot about Honda maintenance. I was sorry when he went to Sx Police.

    By Rick Rutherford (08/01/2024)

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