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Kearney & Trecker 100 Ton press

This was the 100 ton press pictured on the assembly line at Hollingbury – it was built to produce bottle tops for the whisky industry (to the best of my memory).

I was an apprentice in the sixties. and the press and tooling were called ‘Cork and Seal’.  The tops were punched and formed out of large printed sheets at an impressive rate.

There were a range of presses built from 25 ton up to the 100 ton pictured.

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Kearney & Trecker 100 ton press
From the personal collection of John KnightLyn Ford

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  • Hi John, great photo, I wonder who that guy is? I think you are correct regarding whisky bottle tops, I heard about that machine. At that time they made wide range of bespoke machines. Another strange one I heard about was for the manufacture of paper currency, not ten-bob or pound notes I hasten to add, I think it was foreign currency.

    By Peter Groves (08/02/2018)
  • Hi, I worked on the 75/100 Ton presses in the late 60s. I’m not sure who the chap is but I have one photo of myself taken by Jack Marter whilst working on the 100 Ton Press.  Happy to send to this site. Jack and I worked together and I am sure John we know each other?? 

    By Keith Laundon (15/09/2018)

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