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Memories of a lamp post and winkles

Ellen Street School 1973
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

A good spot for the dogs

I used to live at 59 Goldstone Road in the early 1950s. One thing I really remember is the lamp post that was right outside. It was great for climbing on and swinging from, although it was also a good spot for the dogs. Mind you in those days my Mum used to wash the pavement in front of the house like most others did. I went to school in Ellen Street, I think all that is left now is the boys’ playground. Regularly had my hair cut in Harry’s, I remember he used to put a leather covered board between the arms of the chair for me to sit on. I could go on for days as I’m sure most of us could.

Sunday afternoon treats

I remember Divall’s on the corner with those glass topped tables and the dumb waiter that they used to pull the meals up from down in the kitchen; and of course Forfar’s was on the opposite corner. Do you remember the ‘shell-fish man’ coming around on a Sunday morning?  I looked forward to his visits – you could buy a pint of winkles. I fondly remember Sunday afternoons, armed with a pin, and some brown bread and butter!! What a joy.


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  • I went to Ellen Street in 1932 when we first moved to Hove. My Father had been made one of the Booking Clerks at Hove Station and that began my fascination with trains and all things mechanical. At Ellen Street I was taught by a number of teachers but I remember only one – Mr Lloyd. A large man (to me) who maintained an iron discipline by means of the blackboard pointer which was painful when rapped on the knuckles! I was fortunate enough to gain a scholarship to the Brighton and Hove Grammar School (now BASVIC).

    By Jack Galway (21/09/2016)

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