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Retail reminiscences?

By Jennifer Drury

Photo:Vokins North Street/Ship Street

Vokins North Street/Ship Street

Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton and Hove

Old fashioned service

I know that a lot of people thought that Hanningtons was 'the' department store - but of the two my favourite was Vokins.

Many the hours I spent exploring the different departments - and often coming home with items I had not intended to purchase - but could not resist.

Did you shop at Vokins? Which was your favourite department? Let us have your retail reminiscences.

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Hi Jennifer, I also preferred Vokins and my favourite department was Fabrics as I use to make a lot of my clothes and I could always find  something I liked at Vokins.

By Brenda Patrick (25/01/2018)

Hi Jennifer, and Brenda,
The title here says North Street/Ship Street. My Vokins was on the London Road somewhere opposite Bellmans and the Cooperative store. I was certainly in and around that store with my grandmother and my mother. Mum probably bought cloth there for the costumes she made for ballet shows I was in.

By Sandra Bohtlingk (26/01/2018)

I remember shopping in Vokins. In 1966 I bought the material for my bridesmaid dresses there. It was a lovely turquoise colour and I managed to get  headresses to match. I also bought them elbow length white gloves which were very fashionable at the time. It was a lovely store and always had what you wanted.  It was also not quite as expensive as Hanningtons although I loved that store too. 

By Doreen Young (26/01/2018)