Woolworths in the late 1970s

Trainee Manager

I worked as a Trainee Manager at the Western Road and Blatchington Road branches of Woolworths from 1975 – 79. I took a few photos of my co-workers: Blatchington Road 1976-77 and Western Road 1977-79.

Andre Havard

Fond memories

I was never really cut out to be a manager and I quit just over a year after I was moved to London. I have many fond memories of the seven years I was with Woolworths – the people I worked with were almost without exception really nice and a lot of fun.

Claire Mason, who was at Wester Road until it closed. (Everyone smoked in the canteen back then)

Can you help identify anyone?

I’ve put the pictures that I took on my website. Some of the people have died and I’ve forgotten a few of the names. If anyone knows any of the folk in the picures, could you jog my memory?
Thanks very much.

More photos

You can find more photos here:
Western Road http://www.flickr.com/photos/wayfarer88/sets/72157623741655150/
Blatchington Road http://www.flickr.com/photos/wayfarer88/sets/72157623741851084/

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  • I remember the little Woolworths in Boundary/Station Road Portslade. I worked there for a few months - was great when I first was put on the beauty products counter just inside the doors…..but then I got moved to shoes repair items and dull things like that. Nice work mates, but hated the boring counter…towards the back of the shop so passing people traffic was minimal.

    By Bonny Cother (15/04/2010)
  • I worked as a trainee manager at Western Rd Woolies from 1970 to about 1975. The best days of my working life. I do so miss Carol Marten, such fond memories.

    By Paul Matthews (21/01/2013)
  • My mother Win Whitington worked at the Diamond Bar at the back of Woolworths in the late 60’s. I used to go and meet her there, it was a bit like an Americain diner.

    By Laine Greenland (23/01/2013)
  • Yes, I remember Woolies very well! My mother Sylvia Fake worked there for many years and indeed was a friend of Joyce Hanlon. I also worked there on Saturdays when we stood behind the counters to serve customers. There was a very friendly atmosphere amongst the staff and my mother was very happy there -most of the time. I was so upset when Woolworths closed and I’m sure if Mum had still been alive at that time, she would have found it hard to believe. Best wishes to all ex-staff.

    By Zoe Whitmore (07/03/2013)
  • I too ran the records & audio section around the mid 70s in Western Road. I remember Shirley & Debbie well.

    By Paul Matthews (15/11/2016)
  • Hi Andre. Sue McPherson here . You were friends with John for many years. would be lovely to catch up.

    By sue mcpherson (30/08/2018)
  • Hi Sue, long time, no see! Are you living in Brighton? Sue Benfield got in touch via Facebook recently but I lost the post without answering and I don’t know her married name.

    Are you on FB?

    By A Havardndre (31/10/2018)
  • Hi Andre
    Sue McPherson here.
    I am not on facebook but Sue Benfield has been trying to get in touch for me.
    my number is 07906196251.

    By Sue McPherson (10/11/2019)
  • Hi Andre, I was Debbie Wilson who worked as a mini then a Saturday girl at Blatchington Road. I was Terry’s girlfriend from 1975-77. I’m in a couple of your photos. One of the other girls in the picture was Debbie Stringer.

    By Debbie Banse (31/03/2020)

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