The Cottage, 111 Church Street

111 Church Street: formerly The Cottage
Photo by Chris Webb

Second hand vinyl

I first started using The Cottage for second hand vinyl in 1974-78; I was currently then working in Debenhams (Eastbourne) Record department. I found a lot of back catalogue rock albums, either discontinued or cheaper, (minus staff discount) at the Cottage, so it became a weekly visit. There were two guys who ran The Cottage, one just sold and the other did all the buying. The buyer was a bit cold and un-negotiable in deals, so other vinyl shops got my cast offs.

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Generally the grade condition was very good which enticed you go back. Bargain racks were near the counter these were usually priced at 50p/75p. Piles of albums ready for pricing were stacked by the tiny covered staircase, to the right of a smallish counter in the back of the shop. I was very sorry to find it gone in 1983ish and the internet told me why in recent years. I have a strong photo image in my head of the inside and will try to submit a drawing in time to jog memories.

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  • I would be very interested if you could submit a drawing of the interior of The shop. My grandfather owned this shop in 1911 and my father lived there. My grandfather owned the shoe/ Boot shop at 111 Church Street in the 1920/30’s I would love to see a picture of the shop next door

    By Margaret GIBBS (19/03/2019)

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