Papers and photos of Reginald Moores, 1940s

Photo of Reg Moores on ice skate stilts, c.1945
Letter from Civil Defence Home Guard department, 16th Jan 1943

Reg Moores was born in 1922 at 31 John Street, Brighton, and has lived all his life in Brighton.  He joined the ARP in 1939 and this later became the ARP Home Guard unit.  During this time he began performing as an ice skater at venues in London and along the south coast, including the S.S. Brighton in West Street, Brighton.  In 1943 he joined the RAF.

After the war, Reg continued performing as an ice skater in the UK and abroad.  He became an ice show engineer and chief electrician, and subsequently had a long and extremely varied career in various aspects of engineering and ice shows.

Reg has shared a varied collection of wartime ARP and Home Guard memorabilia with the Letter in the Attic project, including this letter regarding a Home Guard training session in January 1943.

Reference Training Wing

“Please note the teams for grenades will meet at Queen Square and not at Sheepcote Valley…”

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  • When I was at college in the 1980s I did work experience at Brighton Poly in Lewes Road. Reg Moore had an office there and I was introduced to him when I was being shown around. It was like stepping back 40 years going in his room! He was listening to some old Big Band music and his desk was filled with the innards of electric (not electronic!) devices and components. I think I remember being told he invented the radio bug for a Holiday on Ice show in Brighton.

    By Glen Robins (18/05/2009)

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