Photo of the east side kiosk

This photograph shows the east side kiosk at the end of the West Pier taken by myself on one of the public tours that were available prior to the current problems that befell the pier!

Was this removed?
The kiosk was I believe removed from the pier and was supposed to have been totally renovated to provide showpiece for the pier at the opening of the Millennium Dome in London.

If anyone knows more about the final destinations of the kiosk perhaps they could post the information on the site.

Photo by Trevor Chepstow

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  • The Kiosk is held by the West Pier Trust along with 3 others of these kiosks (I believe).

    By Sam Cullen (23/02/2005)
  • Is it possible to find out exactly what was rescued before the pier was destroyed? And if so, where are these elements stored and is it possible to view them?

    By Tim Hague (25/07/2007)
  • But what is most intriguing is that what was the final piece removed from the pier?

    By Joe Conroy (23/10/2008)
  • How did they manage to remove the kiosks?

    By Paul Schluefter (18/01/2010)
  • Not sure that this is the stored remnants of the kiosk currently being assessed for restoration over the next 3 years. I spent many hours in the east side kiosk above at the bottom of the Pier in the early 60s when working part-time for Hyatt’s Amusements run by Mrs. Leach. This was my first job paying a princely 2/6d an hour giving me my first taste of employment. I will be enthralled to see the finished restoration on the i360 site if it ever makes it!

    By David Seaton (16/05/2017)
  • Hello, is there any further news about the kiosks taken from the old West Pier? The amusements mentioned were run by my distant relatives.

    By Joan (18/10/2019)

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