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Brighton beach 1930s?

Beach location?

I was hoping that there was someone out there that would be able to help me locate where on Brighton beach this photo was taken.

The girl on the left is my Grandma and she was born in 1922, so I’m thinking this must be from the early to mid 1930s.

I would really be interested if anyone had any thoughts on where about on the seafront the picture would show.

There seems to be a large red brick building in the background on the corner of one of the squares. Unfortunately, the writing on the building is not decipherable in the photo.

Many thaks to all that veiw,


Where on Brighton beach?
From the private collection of Nick B

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  • Opposite the bottom of West Street, before the Top Rank abomination!

    By Janet Beal (13/08/2017)
  • The red brick building is still there today, although now painted white, I think it’s a hotel.

    By Peter Groves (13/08/2017)
  • Agreed! but actually a bit further west at the bottom of Russell Street. West St is running up from the hotel in the background.

    By Geoffrey Mead (13/08/2017)
  • Janet is correct. That building is virtually unchanged to this day, apart from the colour – look on Google Maps. I reckon your Grandma is sitting directly below the old Palladium cinema in King’s Road.

    By Brian Hatley (14/08/2017)
  • Agree with all. Google mapped West Street, and indeed the red brick building is still there, albeit now painted white. And so Grandma would be sitting somewhat to the west. I’m off now to see if I can find out the name of the Hotel back then.

    By Nic B (17/08/2017)
  • In the 1930s the building housed Sweetings Restaurant on the seafront, I think the rest was Chatfields Hotel?

    By Geoffrey Mead (18/08/2017)
  • The James Gray Collection has a photograph of this building dated 1926 when it was the Hotel Victoria.

    By Janet Beal (19/08/2017)
  • Hi Nic. If you enter UMI hotel in the search box at the top right of this page, it will come up with one of the Mystery Photos. The hotel included in that photo is what was the Hotel Victoria, Belgrave Hotel, and UMI Hotel, amongst other things no doubt!

    The same hotel, at the foot of West Street, is in your photo. You can view it on Google Streetview. It’s an attractive building.

    By Alan Hobden (19/08/2017)
  • The building at the bottom of West Street was well known to local fishermen. When out at sea, the building was lined up with the end of the West Pier, the other coordinate was the Hove Corporation dust destructor chimney and a building on Hove seafront, both now gone. The resultant good fishing spot was known as ‘Sweetings’.

    By John Bradley (22/09/2017)

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