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Do you recognise this house?

I do realise that this is a very long shot – but – can anyone suggest the location of this house or street?

Unknown location
From the private collection of Maralyn Eden

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  • Only a guess, but I remember seeing in Backyard Brighton, a similar sort of fence in 1930s William Street.

    By Geoffrey Mead (09/05/2007)
  • Looks like a house in Gloucester Rd.

    By Bridget (24/09/2007)
  • From memory I would say William Street as well.

    By Geoff Wells (03/08/2008)
  • Don’t think this is William Street because of the smooth rendered walls. William Street had bricks.

    By Duffy Watkins (29/03/2011)
  • There were many houses at the bottom of Cannon Street that had wooden fencing.

    By viv webb (30/03/2011)

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