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Neville Bishop Summer 1950

This wonderful photograph was taken in 1950.  It shows local entertainer Neville Bishop with one of the entrants to his children’s talent show.

Unfortunately we do not have any further information.  Do you remember the smiling Neville and his talent shows? Where were they held? Were you a budding singer or entertainer who took part?

If you can contribute a memory – or information – or even a photo of you as an entrant – contact me  and we will make you star once again by publishing your photo here.

Neville Bishop Talent Show
From the private collection of Tony Fettiplace

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  • I think this is the Aquarium, my husband remembers talent show there in the late 50s.

    By Vanessa Chessell (22/09/2008)
  • This could be on the Aquarium Sun Terrace, but if you Google Neville, he was appearing at Great Yarmouth about this time. Could this photo be fromn there?

    By Tony V (22/09/2008)
  • It looks like Eastbourne Bandstand.

    By Dan (25/09/2008)
  • The ship’s crest in the background suggests it may be in Hove? The Aquarium’s refit in the 1920s displays very square plinths but the one in this picture is rounded like Eastbourne’s bandstand. I have checked and its not Eastbourne. Also the railings (top right) don’t look like anything in Marine Parade

    By Bradley Taplin (25/09/2008)
  • Yes the wooden shutters and the style of architecture look like Eastbourne but the columns on Eastbourne’s bandstand are fluted – not tiled. I think this is ‘The Marina’ in Great Yarmouth.

    By Bradley Taplin (26/09/2008)
  • Check out this website, Neville played at Great Yarmouth.

    By Maralyn Eden (30/09/2008)
  • This looks suspiciously like the Marina, Great Yarmouth. Neville Bishop was resident at this venue for most, if not all of the 1950s.

    By Robin Laws (12/05/2009)
  • The photo is taken at the Marina Great Yarmouth. Photo taken by J Barker & Sons Ltd. The give away is the hand written number that is written onto the surface of the negative. For more about Barkers see:-

    By Paul Godfrey (01/01/2011)
  • I can confirm that that photograph was taken at The Marina in Great Yarmouth. That was the year I was born and that is my Father!

    By Jane Bishop (12/02/2014)
  • I have in my possession a photograph of the Neville Bishop Band from the mid-1930s. One of the musicians in the band is Jack Mossel, on whom I’m doing research at the moment. The rest of the band, except for Neville Bishop himself, are unknown to me. I hope to reconstruct the line-up of the band. Please contact me at if you think you can be of help and I’d be happy to send you the photograph.

    By Bernard Kleikamp (28/03/2014)
  • This photo is The Marina, Gt Yarmouth, Neville Bishop’s Mcnamras Band, our family went every year. Still have the photos just great!

    By Roy Fowler (20/07/2016)
  • My sister is right,that is the Marina,I know because
    That was my father!

    By Charles Bishop (28/03/2020)
  • I sang in a talent contest on a bandstand in Eastbourne while on holiday, staying at a hotel called The Angles in the mid 1950s. The host was called “Uncle” somebody.
    My mother took part in a production at the hotel, I believe. She sang , “Oh I do love to be beside the seaside.”
    I spent many happy moments learning to play, “Chopsticks” over & over & over on the piano!

    By Sally Turley (nee Corder) (17/01/2024)

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