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An outing at Volks Railway

My late grandad’s name was Reginald Milliner, he was born in Brighton in 1918. He lived in Birdham Road, Brighton from the late 1930’s – 1990’s. He worked for Brighton corporation tramways from 1932.

This photograph from his collection looks like some sort of outing – but I do not know the date – or the occasion.

Do you recognise anyone here? Any ideas of a date? If you can help, please leave a comment below.

Volks railway: undated photograph
From the private collection of R. Griff

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  • Since no-one else has made any suggestions I’ll offer a couple of ideas. The sign behind the party says Transport rather than Tramways which ties in with my thought that this is the late 40’s or 50’s from the clothes. There are only men (& boys) and the man on the right appears to be holding a length of rope or cable. Since this is also at the playground where the workshops were (are?), and the sign appears to have been chosen as a background rather than being accidental, could this have been a group photo of the staff? Perhaps marking the end of a piece of work such as re-cabling the power supply? Just a thought.

    By Geoff (12/12/2011)

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