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Strange building in New England Road

Can anyone shed some light on this strange little building up New England Road by the bridge?

I’m guessing it’s something to do with the railway but what?

If you can help or make a suggestion, please leave a comment below.

What was this used for?
Photo by Carol Homeward

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  • I was told that the building was for the rear entrance to the railway works and housed the clocking in machine. You can see from the brickwork mis-match in the wall on the photo where there was an opening to enable access.

    By Peter Groves (20/01/2011)
  • It is a building on the access to the railway works and was used as a timekeepers/clocking in/out place.

    By Bob (20/01/2011)
  • I always thought this was a gatekeeper/timekeeper’s office for the old locomotive works. By the side there is a bricked up doorway that would have opened onto New England Road with steps going up to the level of the works. I remember seeing an old photo of workmen walking down New England Road under the goods line bridge, I would think this was one of the entrances they were coming from.

    By Michael Brittain (21/01/2011)
  • Thanks for your comments. That makes perfect sense. I have a copy of the photo of all the men walking up towards the bridge on their way to work.

    By carol homewood (21/01/2011)
  • I love this little building and would be really interested to see the picture of the railway workers walking near it if it would be possible to post it?

    By Ambre France (22/06/2013)

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