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Do you know any of these pupils?

Balfour Road School circa 1936.
Reg Potter

Unfortunately, Reg has not given us any information about this photo.

So, can you provide the name of the teachers, or names of any pupils?

If you can help, please post a message below.

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  • Think I know some of the pupils but not sure about the teachers. ? = don’t know
    Back row boys L to R.
    Roger Hampton Jim Stepney ? Reg Potter ? Len Chapman Geoff Evenden Mick Moran Digsy Goldsmith ?
    Front row boys L to R
    ? Derek Stedman ? ? ? ? ? Wally Gray Eric Braysher Ray —
    Sorry don’t know any of the girls.
    Headmistress Miss Seward Teacher Miss Purchase or Miss Boxall

    By Reg Potter (22/12/2019)

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