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Where was this 1970 disco?

This is a mystery photo for all those 1970s ‘cool cats’ amongst you.

Do you remember ‘Brighton Rock’ and was it a ‘swinging joint’?

If you do – where was it?

Please post your answers in the comments below.

Brighton Rock Disco
Royal Pavilions and Museums Brighton & Hove

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  • Looks like 76 West Street Brighton.

    By Michael Clark. (30/04/2019)
  • Oh, and how I remember “Brighton Rock”! I was the DJ, namely “Norman Normal, the Plain Clothes Freak”! I was lost for words on finding your page!

    By Malcolm Norman (30/08/2020)
  • Was it previously the Combination Club? That frontage looks vaguely familiar ( I was usually very, very vague) when I frequented the place 70/71?

    By ted (04/02/2021)
  • Yes, indeed it was, and remained, “The Combination” theatre and arts centre. “Brighton Rock” (with its nine-hour sessions!) came about as a long summer “interval”, very popular with young tourists and all the local “freaks” of the time. Particularly interesting was how the wonderful Jenny Harris enabled various young “layabouts” (not meant in an unfriendly way!) to integrate themselves into doing useful little jobs with responsibilities when they’d come there solely to be cynical about people with whom they’d otherwise never have mixed. I feel, looking back a long way (!), that it was my happiest time ever …… Indeed, a time of exclamation marks ……

    By Malcolm Norman (05/05/2022)

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