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A road in Lower Bevendean

I recently came across this old photograph of some of my family, taken some where in Lower Bevendean. Can anyone tell me in which road the picture was taken, and indeed if it still exists?

I remember visiting here as a small boy in the 1960s and can recall the road being made of concrete, not tarmac. The photograph is dated 1957.

Lower Bevendean 1957
From the private collection of Stuart Joseph

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  • I don’t know the roads of Bevendean that well, I’m sure its still there, those council houses were built to last! It looks like Race Hill/ Falmer Road in the background.

    By Peter Groves (27/11/2010)
  • Stuart, it looks like Heathhill Avenue just before the junction with Bodiam Avenue.

    By Ken Chick (27/11/2010)
  • I think this is Heath Hill Avenue. Opposite the woods. Check it out on Google Earth.

    By Maralyn Eden (27/11/2010)
  • The houses at the back of the photo on the left are Walmer Crescent (I used to live there).

    By Maralyn Eden (27/11/2010)
  • It looks like it was very near The Hyde. At the bottom was the Corona depot.

    By Julie Annets (27/11/2010)
  • Yes it is Heathill Avenue near the top just before Bodiam and Hornby Junction. You can tell by the concrete section road instead of tarmac, and the football pitch is directly behind the people in the pic.

    By Andy Crook (03/01/2011)
  • I lived in Bevendean for fifty years. I always rode my bike along Heathill Ave in the summer as a kid. Great times

    By Greg Grant (14/02/2011)

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