Queen's Park

Photo:The lake in Queen's Park

The lake in Queen's Park

Photo by Tony Mould

The Friends of Queen's Park

By Jennifer Drury

The Friends of Queens Park (TFQP) in their mission statement state that they exist to maintain and improve the facilities of the park by representing the interests of all who use it.

The group’s objectives

TFQP liaise and work the with Park Authorities, Police and local community to ensure a continuous and high standard of maintenance in respect of the Park’s current and future infrastructure, facilities and plantings. They also work to protect the park’s wildlife, historical integrity and character to maintain a balance of attraction and represent the interests of all park users.

Encourage local involvement

The group encourages the involvement of the local community of park users in the long term management of the park and enhance such involvement and enjoyment through the organisation of a programme of communal events throughout the year.

Like to know more?

If you would like more details about this group you can email them at info@friendsofqueensparkbrighton.net or check out their website at Friends of Queens Park

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As a child I used to play all kinds of games in this park, had a wonderfull time. Also growing up at school I had the great honour!!!! of running around the park hounded by the scool teachers, Mr Metcalfe of Queens Park School. If found taking a short cut across, whoa don't go there. iIalways remember catching frogs and newts from the little stream that ran into the pond. I thought then that it came from the downs? Just a kid

By Duffy Watkins (14/02/2011)