VE day celebrations

VE Day street parties

Our slideshow here illustrates how VE Day was celebrated in parts of  Brighton. Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) was on May 8th 1945. VE Day officially announced the end of World War Two in Europe. On Monday May 7th at 02.41. German General Jodl signed the unconditional surrender document that formally ended war in Europe. Winston Churchill was informed of this event at 07.00.

No formal statement was made early in the day as Joseph Stalin was deciding how best to make his announcement  But by early evening, Churchill announced that he was not going to give Stalin the satisfaction of holding up what everybody knew. At 19.40 the Ministry of Information made a short announcement:

“In accordance with arrangements between the three great powers, tomorrow, Tuesday, will be treated as Victory in Europe Day and will be regarded as a holiday.”

Do you remember?

Did you have a VE day party in your street/road? What VE day celebrations/decorations do you remember? If you can share your memories with us, please post a comment below.

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  • I remember a tea party at one big V shaped table in front of windmill at West Blatchington. Prior to party we went house to house collecting party food in big prams. The centre piece at the party was a big cake covered in little union Jack’s. After the food we had races and I remember crying because I did not win and get a penny prize.

    By JILL WILLIAMS née Sharman (04/05/2020)
  • Good day

    Does anyone remember a Marjorie Joyce Dunn who was living there at the time?


    By Gayleen Basson (13/12/2021)

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