Prime Minister visits the city

Direct PM Event

The Prime Minister, David Cameron

Today the Prime Minister, David Cameron visited Brighton and Hove for a Direct PM Event. He is currently touring the country for these events, at which he gives unprepared answers to questions on a range of issues with an audience of local people.

Questioned by local people

Tonight he was at Hove Town Hall and faced a group of 150 local people who were ready with questions about many different issues. Topics under discussion included Police Community Support Officers, drug related crimes, the health service, small businesses, social housing and youth advice services.

 Unscheduled stop

After speaking at Hove Town Hall the Prime Minister made quick stop at Thistle Hotel in Brighton where he met up with more local people including city councillors and two new local MPs, Simon Kirby(Brighton Kemptown) and Mike Wetherley(Hove).

An exclusive

Our Chief Photographer Tony Mould found out about this unscheduled visit at the last moment. He didn’t  expect to be allowed in, but went anyway. Well done Tony – The Argus missed this one!

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  • Well done for your scoop at the Thistle Tony! I could not imagine anybody refusing you admission. I don’t appear in any of the four pics but you can see my wife Olive in her red jacket. I was just behind her on her right but out of shot. Our other ward councillor Dawn Barnett attended the question and answer session at the Hove Town Hall where she was able to get her question in, regarding the drug problems in the City. Our other councillor Tony Janio can be seen in the four pics dressed in rather casual attire for which we threatened to have him evicted but he seems to have got away with it.

    By David Smart (06/08/2010)

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