Gertrude Jempson: silent movies pianist

Gertrude Jempson
From the private collection of Allan Jempson

My paternal grandmother

Gertrude Jempson was my paternal grandmother; my father was Ted Jempson who worked at the Astoria cinema in Brighton. Gertrude used to play the piano in Brighton for the silent movies, but I am sorry I do not know at which cinema.

An old programme?

I really would like to find out if anyone remembers Gertrude, or might know at which cinema she played the piano. Perhaps someone might have an old cinema programme that mentions her?

If you can help in any way, please do leave a comment below.

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  • New info – I now know that my grandmother used to play at the following theatres: the Palladium on the Kingsway which is no longer there, and the Tivoli which used to be the Embassy.  She was married to Harold Joshua Jempson and her maiden name was Halistone.  Harold’s mum and dad were Joshua and Harriet and he had 3 brothers: Arthur, Albert and Frederick.   I do hope that this new information might be of some use for somebody to remember something.

    By Allan Jempson (08/10/2010)
  • A few years ago my mum was involved with a film, recording some of the history of Brighton and Hove, the film has since disappeared and I am looking for any trace of it. If you know anything about this film, I would appreciate your help. I can be contacted

    By Dan Howell (23/11/2010)
  • Hello, I’m on a similar trail for records of my great grandfather, Arthur Harman, who was a silent cinema pianist in Brighton in the 1910s/20s. I believe he worked at the Coronation Cinema (later the Troxy) although he was living in Lewes around 1920 – and any clues would be enormously appreciated. My email is Many thanks.

    By Clare Clark (22/01/2012)

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