18th Hove Salvation Army Cub Pack c.1950

The 18th Hove Salvation Army Cub Pack was formed in 1950. My younger brother Hugh was one of the first members, along with a few of his mates. I was already a member of the 4th Hove Pack, but transfered to the 18th due to them having much more fun and sporting/activities success. As I was a Senior Sixer, I was made leader of the Pack due to the fact  that the Pack had not been formed long enough for any of the Boys to have attained the same status.

Can anyone recognise the “Bone” Trophy and it’s significance?

The Hove Manor (Connaught Road) School Football Team. 1953
From left to right back row: Head Master Mr W. Ralph, Ron Hyde, ??, Dennis ??, Paul Blunt, Art Teacher Jack Mutton,
From left to Right centre row: ?? Cole, Mike Fogden, Chris Barker, ??.
From left to right Front row: ? Davanport, ??, Alan Lamb.
I was not in this squad, but I made it the following year 1954.

Can anyone recognise themselves here?

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  • Alan Lamb should be Mick Lamb.

    By Keith Upward (10/07/2008)
  • I was in the 18th Hove Cubs and Scouts from the late fifties until it closed around 1964. I seem to remember Jim Stoner was Skip and his mother was Akela. They lived in Prinsep Road. I think it closed because they weren’t in the Sally Army (took them long enough to work that out). I made Patrol leader until I went to 1st Hove

    By Tony Carr (28/05/2011)

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