Giuseppe Faccini:Brighton asphalter

My husband’s grandfather, Giuseppe Faccini, came to England in 1920. He walked from Northern Italy, working his way through France. He settled in Brighton and started work as an asphalter.

He lived at 27 Richmond Hill in 1920,and moved to 20 Regents Hill in 1932. He travelled backwards and forwards to Italy, to visit his wife and family, staying over there for about six months each time. He died in Brighton about 1940,and was buried there.

Brighton asphalter

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  • Interesting to read about Giuseppe Faccini the asphalter as I am also an asphalter and have been for 44 years. I remember a lot of the old Italian asphalters, Pellegrini, Fernardi, Dessano, Brazzini, Cavadaschi and of course the Damarios. I worked with all of these over the years.

    Asserati Asphalt became Ragusa Asphalt, then Amasco and then Briggs Amasco. The company eventually left the Brighton area but are still trading nationally.

    By Ken Chick (04/11/2008)
  • My husband is the great grandson of Guiseppe Asserati, or Assirati as it is sometimes spelt. I am currently tracing our family history and any information anyone can give me about this company or family would be gratefully received.

    By Amanda Asserati (29/01/2009)
  • Further to my previous comment, I wondered if it would be possible to purchase copies of any photographs/documents that may link to my family.

    By Amanda Asserati (29/01/2009)
  • I am the grandson of Guiseppe Asserati and used to live at 7 Queens Square. Now living in Louth, Lincs.

    By Michael Asserati (08/02/2009)
  • My grandfather and father and four uncles worked for Asserati. My grandparents came to Brighton before the last world war. Many of my cousins in Brighton still work in the ashphalt industry. I have a large photo of their summer coach trip with all the workers which they went on every year as a sports day and picnic in the country. I would send you this if I had an address. I am also a retired ashphalter spreader. My email adress is if you would like to contact me.

    By T F Damario (13/03/2009)
  • Looks like your asphalter Grandfather in-law was a relative of mine. My Great Grandfather a Mr Carlo Assirati came to England around 1915, he settled in London as did most of his kin. All the Asiratis, regardless of spelling, were related to some degree and came from the same village, near Brardi Parma

    By Lee (24/06/2009)
  • My father W. Abbott and his brother-in-law S. Gebbett both had long stints working for Regusa / Asirati. In fact my father was seriously burned in an accident. I believe that I often collected wages from the Queens Road office.

    By P. Abbott (06/06/2010)
  • It’s a long time since I last looked at this site, I worked with W.Abbot known as Wally and his brother-in-law S.Gebbett known as Tiny, probably because of his height. They were both a couple of characters of the kind you don’t see much of today, there were a lot people like them who worked in the Asphalt roofing industry, hard work but a chance to earn good money.

    By Ken Chick (16/06/2010)
  • Very interesting indeed to read about the history of asphalting in and around the south coast. I would be interested in seeing any old photos. Contact me at

    By Gavin Damario (13/03/2013)
  • I lived at 5 Richmond hill in 1946 until they were demolished in the 50’s. There were 5 prefab houses there and the rest of the street was original.

    By Jean marchant (née Baker) (21/11/2022)

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